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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A link to review my unedited work

Here's a self publishing site, which I plan to use for future works. If I could get a review from a few readers, it would help me perfect my craft, a lot. Thank you all. https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1117309 Sign in to see full entry.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012: best ever year

The votes are in, folks: It's official, says NY times, the year 2012 was the most interesting and active year in American history. Celebs such as Jennifer Garner, Jay-Z, Adele, Uma Thurman, and "Snooki" (of hit reality show Jersey Shore), and many others gave birth to healthy and beautiful babies. And while some endured the pangs of celebrity child birth, many others--such as Amber Rose, Shakira, Anna Paquin, and Kim Kardashian--informed the public of their "expected" bundles. I'm guessing that... Sign in to see full entry.

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Celebrations & resolutions

Another year and BEST WISHES IN THE NEW YEAR TO EVERY BLOGIT MEMEMBER!!! The Ramesses family had a blessed and merry christmas, and we're opting for new years fun in...separate ways, though still as a family: the boys are teens now, and have there teenage parties to attend (something about their popularity status-go figure) and Mom and Dad (Julie and myself) have reserved a spot at "different" kind of New years eve party. Either way we're all blessed and proud to be a part of 2013--a year that... Sign in to see full entry.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A re-posted Christmas Day Wish

I posted this on Christmas, but think I posted it on the wrong blog page. Although Christmas is based on the Birth of a mysterious and holy child, and for this reason there is the tradition of giving and cheer, people from all walks of life can invite themselves to join in on the age old holiday. I find in some communities that they celebrate the Holiday differently: some allowing a totally religious based ritual and several weeks of on-going gatherings; others using it as a total celebration of... Sign in to see full entry.

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas Gift from Ramfamily and Christina Aguilera

We like Christina Aguilera. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Merry Christmas to all, and have a great New Year. Thanks for all the support you guys have given on Blogit. From us to you and yours!!!! Sign in to see full entry.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Discoveries in Cancer research...Yeah!

San Francisco --Putting the squeeze on lab-grown tumor cells makes them behave like healthy ones, a new study shows. The discovery won’t lead to treatments that poke and prod tumors in patients, but it might help researchers develop new drugs that keep mutated cells from growing out of control.... http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/347168/description/Pressure_keeps_cancer_in_check A new study shows how some pressure on specific cancer cells can cause the cells to react as healthy cells... Sign in to see full entry.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Steatopygia: the bubble butt gene

Although the topic of the day may seem to have some racial significance to me, I assure all that the science and desire to know culture is more my reasoning. I've always been a science freak while growing up--especially the areas of science which describe energy (physics), biology, and genetics. I think I got into these studies at an early age, because I believed that god, religion, and science all came together somewhere. And I was detemined to find the link (though I haven't came that far... Sign in to see full entry.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beauty's bread (parable of the day)

Beauty is fed...but lacks in nutrition; beauty is bred...yet starves for more, lovely hair, lovely skin, lovely face for eyes of men; said to be born a glowing star...not so bright says average whore. Beauty is fed...but lacks in nutrition; beauty is bread...yet hungered for. Oh...the world we live in. A pretty girl eats for free, while starving uglies get no meat. Sign in to see full entry.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Introduction to Dimensions (a poem)

Slightly beyond your peripheral, and left-ward, is the realm of Slums. Beggars, borrowers, betters, bingers, and bums. All who took a risk, and all who lost. They sleep in doorways and alleyways. Afraid to show their faces in the former realm—the realm of Bliss. Afraid to search for love…afraid to hope and afraid to wish. Therefore they hide behind beards, cardboard boxes, and filth—eating where they spit, shit, and piss. Slightly beyond your peripheral, and down-ward, is the realm of... Sign in to see full entry.

Monday, December 10, 2012

In the Name of Entertainment

LIVE HORSE FIGHTING!!! Wow!! How far will we go to be entertained? Will we stop at nude photos? Will we stop at pounding one anothers heads in at a boxing match up? Or will we continue by showing off our sexual knowledges on film? How about killing each other in a fight or die ring? Cesaer and the Romans did so. So did other ancient cultures. Although we are so advanced in technologies and information, we are so far behind with our animal natures evolving. Yes, it's true: our notions of... Sign in to see full entry.

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