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Blogit is compelling
Blogit is entertainment
Blogit is community
Blogit is addictive
Blogit is the place to write

"Blogit is a wonderful community. The people truly care about each other. I have been a member for nine years. I am so blessed to be a part of such a special place." -- Amanda__

"Blogit: It bloggles the mind!" -- Ciel

"I often use scenes or excerpts from my fiction writing in my journal blog here. Readers tell me if the scene works, if it is compelling or confusing - the feedback sharpens my blue editing pencil. I learn a lot from their comments. Thanks to all. :) " -- Pat_B

"What a wonderful place to BE. The cares of the day washed away by a word or sentence. How great it is to be able to release any and all negative energy with the written word so that it is recycled as unconditional love by touching someone's heart and soul. It is the Law of Opposites..." -- skye08

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