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During and after college I spent years working as a staffer in political campaigns.  Got tired of having to always sit in a chair with my back against the wall...so to speak.  Tired of having to protect one's self from those willing to use anything to get a step ahead of you...and that was the people on your side!

Now work with a partner  at maintaining a small business..........

United States
Primary occupation:
Own Small Business
Dream occupation:
Chairman of the GOP
A Red State
I like:
Travel, Travel, Travel
Favorite writers:
Koonze, King, Clancey, Dale Brown, Dan Brown Tim Lehaye
Favorite books:
Too many to list....but probably "The Stand" by King
Favorite newspapers:
WSJ...most of the rest are rags, used best in the bottom of a bird cages
Favorite magazines:
National Review, US News,
Favorite music:
Eagles, Jimmy Buffet, 60's and 70's stuff
Favorite movies:
Anything but Michael Moore or Barbra Streisand's
Favorite TV shows:
Anything but "Regular" TV......I like O'Reilly's style
Favorite teams:
Kentucky Wildcats, New York Yankees, Boston Celtics..teams with long traditions
Favorite quote:
"Tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev"