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The Cabin - Jan 17, 2010

by ChristopherSetterlund0 words, book

Horror Short Story. 40 miles from the nearest town, it is a battle for survival for one man against a mysterious angry beast.. Available as a downloadable ebook.

Buy now $3.00


The night at the end of my first week at the cabin was filled with the now usual routine. I ate my dinner of Spaghetti-O’s down at the dock. I even whipped out the evil TV tray and brought it with me. As dusk crept in I headed back in to beat the skin-chewing insects that came along with the lessening light. I kept all of the windows around the cabin opened partially; it had been warmer than usual in the Lake Asimmia area the past few days. I played some music on my laptop while trying my best..

Goot's Mittens - Jul 17, 2008

by ChristopherSetterlund9 words, book

Children's Book. Funny and inspirational. Teaches children about how differences make them special. Visit my website for a safe download..

Buy now $4.50


A five page free preview is available in my blog on this site. Simply search for my name, Christopher Setterlund if you would like to check it out.

Second Coming - Jul 11, 2008

by ChristopherSetterlund23 words, book

Psychological Thriller. An original eBook set in modern day New York City.. Visit to download a safe copy..

Buy now $6.00


The 11 page preview, or test drive, is located in my blog. Just search for my name, Christopher Setterlund.