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Sunday, April 27, 2003


When I signed up for a subscription, the monthly charge advertised was $2.99, yet I was charged $29.99. My e-mail address is I do not want to have a yearly account as yet, so can you refund the difference?

Friday, April 25, 2003

The margins are fixed.


I followed instructions and downloaded Internet Explorer but I still don't see a "word processor type" toolbar.

Please advise. 

The solicitation in "The Complaint Letter" is an advertisement

Websters defines advertising as " calling public attention to especially by emphasizing 'desirable' qualities so as to arouse a desire to ... patronize."

A patron is one who provides aid or support for...

Obviously "desirable" is a subjective word.  Any patron of slick's cause would find his message desirable.

His entire blog as it stands is an advertisement.  However, the removal of the request for funds and support and the address to do so, would negate the advertisement without affecting his right to preach hate.

I again ask that that portion of his blog be deleted.  Please advise.


The margins are out of whack on "just Talkin'"

This started yesterday.  I sent You invisible ones an email but they are still out of whack.  What is the solution?  I inputted online, not cut and paste.

Also if this is how You want us to communicate exclusively I would suggest You dump the "email us for help."


please explain the procedure that all your comment can be suspended?

please explain the procedures to not allow others to comment on your blogs

Could someone please explain to me...

just what those yellow highlighted links are in my blogs? Are they ads designed to get BN more revenue? Or what? Please post something in the News section as well as here.

They were automatically added to my Potpourri blog just now - I didn't put them there.

Favourites - Feature enhancement - Possible?

What I'd really like to track on my favourites page are not blogs but writers...all their various posts in all their various blogs plus all the comments they post in other blogs   too much to ask for?

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Techno note: radical cutting and pasting

HAHAHA!! I LOVE it. It's like Hollywood. I condensed three blogs into one by pasting each big blog into one entry in the new blog (three superblogs accordioned into three regular blogs of great length). The counters are painted on (snapshot of their count at cutting time). The links are blue, but they 404 every time. Funny as heck.

Turns out earlier problems mostly caused by miss set refresh in browser settings. HumMaster, you are The Light and the Weigh!


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