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Thoughts from Stan - Apr 11, 2008
Humility - Humility Humility is that most evasive of character traits...
Religion & Spirituality - Popularity rank: 3294 Info

Jesus Be My Lord - Apr 6, 2008

by tsmcmahon18 words, poem

when Jesus is Lord.... A poem about the misunderstanding of the Lordship of Christ.

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Jesus, be my Lord, I say But terms and conditions apply Yes please be my Lord and Saviour But I’ll tell You where to pry

Exile - Apr 1, 2008

by tsmcmahon1,198 words, article

Living the experience of exile. Reflections on how to live through the exilic experiences of life. The author describes exile as any life experience that puts us in an emotional wilderness.

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It seems that exile can just come out of nowhere and slap you hard in the face; like the exile of a broken heart, or a huge disappointment. Like the exile of the death of a loved one, or divorce, or separation, or childlessness. Exile can come to us in many forms but every time the result is the same – tsunami level turbulence in our emotional lives

The Feather - Apr 1, 2008

by tsmcmahon825 words, article

Jesus' teaching on sin. Using a personal illustration of suffering, we are led to consider the teaching of Jesus on how to deal with sin in our lives. With over thirty years of Bible teaching experience, the author reminds us that we cannot take sin lightly.

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Sometimes extreme conditions require extreme measures. Surgeons will amputate a leg to stop gangrene spreading throughout the rest of the body. At the end of the day, a life is more important than a limb. Jesus also talked about extreme measures. He talked about cutting your hand off and gouging out your eye if they were causing you to sin. Now before you go in to the kitchen and reach for a bread knife, let me remind you about how Jesus taught. He didn’t have blackboards, whiteboards,...

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