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(Copyright 2011 Sheri Palmer) I was born and raised on a three-hundred and twenty-two dairy-cow farm on three-hundred and eleven acres in a tiny town called Birdsall, NY. We had geese, pigs, horses, chickens, cats, dogs, skunks, coons, bear, wolves mountain lions, probably easier to say we had everything except neighbors. There`s only one animal we never had and never would have because of Grandmothers demand- NO GOATS MILTON!- Milton was my Grandfathers name and my Grandmothers was Merle. M and M were married 63 years and it was sweet most of the time. No, Grandmother was very much a woman and admirable, just sad her parents wanted a boy so bad that despite her sex they still named her Merle Esther. There intention was to call her MerleEsther like BillieBob or SheriLynn, but Grandmother didn`t care for the name Esther and as a teen dismissed it. Grandmother was an only child. It took over 10 years for her parents to conceive her. Before she was born her father came down with cancer and did not have long to live. The couple always wanted a boy and a girl so to their logic they would have both before he passed. To ensure this they named her male and female names. (MerleEsther) I believe her name would of been different if her husband wasn`t terminally ill. I was raised by my Grandparents and I cherish them; they were AWESOME parents. My little town`s population was 90 citizens. All scattered over a 10 mile radius. Even had a fella living in an abandoned silo. He was wanted by the  FBI for gun smuggling, another time on that, I worked extremely hard, work was all I knew. At night I`d kneel arms folded over each other for a head rest and gaze out an opened window watching the truckers go by all night. I wondered where they are going, what it would be like other places, and wishing I could go with them and not get in trouble for going:) Well life turned out good, I did get to travel and see a few things. Only thing, I still want to see more and I`d love to write every moment, every emotion, good, bad, and ugly,to really touch the hearts of the readers. To stir morals and integrety back into society. To wake up the world and get them living again. Feeling again. Quit reading text`s all day read about life`s lessons, life warnings, life's pleasures. To give readers an experience without having to live it themselves, give them a "reading -roller-coaster -ride":):):):)

Location: United States
Primary occupation: Author & Freelance Writer
Dream occupation: olympic ice skater, rock star
Hometown: Birdsall NY
Schools attended: Hartford CT
I like: Instigating Thought, Inspiring people to change for the better,encourage and guide:)
Favorite writers: Just everything you`d possibly want to know about me is on my Facebook, Google or LinkedIn and Twitter accounts All settings are opened up so enjoy getting to know the real me:)
Favorite books: Google also on my linkedIn FB Twitter
Favorite newspapers: Google also on linkedIn FB Twitter
Favorite magazines: Google also on linkedIn FB Twitter
Favorite music: Google also on linkedIn Fb Twitter
Favorite movies: Google also on linkedIn FB Twitter
Favorite TV shows: Google also on linkedIn FB Twitter
Favorite teams: Green Bay Packers of course, and Dallas Cowboys
Favorite quote: I`m buggin now:), Oh yeah yeah, Mercy, Smokin
Gender: female
Religion: Christian
Political affiliations: Republican

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