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Monday, July 7, 2008


If I travel to the seven wonders of the world, I can see them but they are not my to keep. Enjoy each moment as it passes. Be a passerby. If all my joy is in the prism of colors that dance in the light, when darkness comes my joy is gone. Enjoy each moment as it passes. Be a passerby. If a rose dies when cut and a white hot coal burns when held, then pleasure is only fleeting. Enjoy each moment as it passes. Be a passerby. If you build your house on the bridge for the view, you will never pass... Sign in to see full entry.


If I only praise and pray to God in the morning, a small child is still hungry. If I only praise and pray to God at noon, the sick are still lonely. If I only praise and pray to God in the evening, many are still cold. Should I only praise and pray or are my works the best.skye2006 Sign in to see full entry.

The Passage to Heav'n

As you walk through the mist of fog that lies below the mountain peak--follow your heart and you will be guided through to the next clearing and the next healing. The road ahead is clear as the sunshine reflects off the mountain peak--engulfing you in love and warmth and light. It is a continual pattern that urges you on with it's familiarity. The knowing ever present that you will soon merge with your true self, soul, heart and divinity that grows within. You will then add with the All to bring... Sign in to see full entry.

My Hero is a Marine

We watched him grow that skinny, shy boy. We watched him grow into a determined young man. We watched him workout in the scorching heat, his muscle to build big and strong. He studied, he dreamed, and worked his heart out; to be one of the proud, the few, a Marine. He packed up his gear and with his unit flew out, the call of duty he chose, to fight our foes and protect our home. Then came the call; his dream to protect no more. Though it was he who would call and for that we rejoiced; his road... Sign in to see full entry.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


The rise of the moon brings moans of pain and fears of death each night. Once a fantasy of green cheese and wonderment of how the moon always followed a small child home on rides in the dark of night. In passing years the moon became a bright romatic light; To cuddle in her lover's arms for stolen kisses and walks upon the beach. A huge bright ball of wonderment and amazing stories rendered; as she lie in the tall, cool grass at night hugging her children. But now with children gone and her... Sign in to see full entry.

Soul Pain

How does one measure the pain in the soul? Is it on a scale of 1-10? Which is the worst, the physical pain or the constant ache deep inside the heart as you are parted daily, hourly, or minute by minute of the love so intertwined within your body and soul? There are no pain pills for the soul. There are no words or platitudes that can ease the agony. There are no scales to measure the depths of the pain within. Pain is unseen and cannot be felt by anyone but you. You cannot seek releif from... Sign in to see full entry.

Energy Savings

Each day starts as the day before. Will I die today? The answer as always the same. No. As I start the day to feed, bathe, and dress him, my own pain creeps up the scale. I look at his paleness and note the wasting muscles and see him wither more each day. Confusion ever growing and hallucinations to match. I'm told that I can't keep him home and for a nursing home he's bound. I made a promise and a vow; in sickness and in health. I must say a prayer of thanks for the pain and exhaustion I feel.... Sign in to see full entry.

Our Love a poem for Brooke and Scott

There is a love you cannot touch but feel as it surrounds. Love communicated through eyes on a single thought of the heart. Love unquestioning and without boundaries; Transcending space and time. Love for all to have but found by precious few. Our precious ones have found this love-- Their love. Love that has been before time began and until all time should end. skye2006 Sign in to see full entry.


I slip into wellness as a comfortable sweater. Surrounded by it's security and the pleasure of it's touch. It engulfs me like the touch of sunlight. Each cell of my body straining to feel the warmth and softness as it glides through my body. Holding each second in memory to be worn again.skye2006 Sign in to see full entry.

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