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grumpy - Yesterday I was a little grumpy. water color on card stock
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a pic of Jewls in the River :)
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Shadow of Wishes - Oct 12, 2008

by inkdancing25,686 words, book

gay romance story. Taylish Morgan is a police officer. He's a son, with secrets, a lonely man. Daniel is a prisoner of an Asian gang. Multi-published author Nix Winter writes of love, hope, devotion, mystery, and adventure..

Buy now $1.25


When the voice spoke it was sing-songy with a slight Chinese accent and perfect English, “'Hello, Angel. I saw you come in and I thought, 'here is a man who is an angel.' Are you an angry angel?” No voice had ever reached into Taylish and swirled his soul around like he had sparkling stars dancing in his belly. “Maybe,” he said, words scattered among the stars. “Maybe I was just looking for you.” Such light touches swirled around a nipple, so slow, and he could feel the tingles as it tightened,.