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Poetry of Emotions... - Aug 26, 2008
What I Need - Angry... confused... betrayed... depressed... What do these...
Poetry - Popularity rank: 2858 Info

Poetry from my Past - Aug 26, 2008
Just a Kid - I gaze out my window and see a vast sky... I wonder if the...
Poetry - Popularity rank: 2859 Info

Poetry for the Introspective Lover - Aug 26, 2008
A little negativity... - Ah... to be able to see with eyes unclouded......
Poetry - Popularity rank: 2860 Info

Poetry for the one I love - Aug 26, 2008
Broken Heart - I see the time has come for us to go our seperate ways......
Poetry - Popularity rank: 2861 Info

Introduction - Aug 19, 2008
I just wanted to say... - I would just like to take this time to thank all...
Lists & Information - Popularity rank: 2880 Info

A Conversation with Myself - Aug 20, 2008

by Rayvin199 words, poem

I converse with myself. We all talk to ourselves... I just happened to write about it.

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A poem for the future is all I think of... I sit up in my bed and think hard about what it should say. Should I write about goals I wish to reach?

Reflections - Aug 20, 2008

by Rayvin224 words, poem

A poem of thought. Actions and reactions to positive and negative energy while in love.

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I gaze at myself in the mirror everyday and wonder who it is I see... The face that looks back at me is someone I don't know. Who is this person who has fallen so far down on the tree of life?

A Better Understanding - Aug 10, 2008

by Rayvin240 words, poem

A Poem of Questioning. What goes on in a lover's mind when the one they care about seems distant? Sometimes we need a better understanding. Part of the collection "Poetry for the one I love".

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You make my heart race... I don't think you understand. You make me shy and timid... I don't think you understand. You make me want to sing... I don't think you understand. You make me want to dance... I don't think you understand. I don't think you understand... the effect you have on me when you're near.

Just a Glimpse - Aug 4, 2008

by Rayvin358 words, poem

A poem of observation. What if you could summarize all the little things about your lover that make them beautiful to you?. If you enjoy this poem, I recommend you read "When you are near".

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I watched you as you slept last night. You looked so peaceful. I couldn't help but notice your slumbering visage... Your innocence; so easy to see while you are in repose. Such a lovely face to glimpse... Everyday but especially right now...

Glorious Flame - Aug 4, 2008

by Rayvin236 words, poem

A poem of passion. When you think of the direction of your relationship with your lover... what comes to mind?. If you enjoy this poem, feel free to browse my other work on the site.

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Your look is so heated sometimes, I feel as though I am on fire... Your touch can be so demanding that I feel like I have no choice but to do what you desire. I find myself drawn closer to you even in your blazing bright fury... I find I cannot turn you away even when I've been burned by your flame.

For Laura - Aug 1, 2008

by Rayvin146 words, poem

A poem inspired by my muse. A poem dedicated to the love of my life. What if there was a person in your life that meant more to you than anything? What would you say to them?.

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The more of you I see, The more of you I want. The more I listen to your words, The more I wish to hear you say...

When you are near - Aug 1, 2008

by Rayvin272 words, poem

Emotional reactions. How does your loved one make you feel when they're near?. This poem is for all those who have ever felt the presence of their loved one like an almost palpable energy source.

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I smile like a fool... when you're near. I get weak in the knees... when you're near. My heart skips a beat... when you're near...

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