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Aerie - Jun 9, 2008
On A Boat In the Rain - Soaking, cold head lowered against the pathetic...
Poetry - Popularity rank: 3164

Idyllwilde's Post-It - Jun 9, 2008
Why Catholics Pray To Mary - A common accusation against Catholics is that...
World - Popularity rank: 3165

The Pied Piper - Jun 2, 2008
The Peach Pit - You wouldn’t expect a peach pit to be a source of...
Fiction - Popularity rank: 3192


Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Melanoma - Jun 4, 2008

by Idyllwilde838 words, article

ABCD's of Melanoma. What to look for if you suspect you have melanoma and the treatments involved..

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Melanoma is the most fatal type of skin cancer; it is also the leading cause of death in women 25-30. In part, this is because it spreads so quickly that many people do not recognize it in time to have it treated.

The Sand Witches - Jun 2, 2008

by Idyllwilde893 words, short story

Children's Story; Fantasy. Three Sand Witches, sail out in their potato ship one breezy summer's eve. They discover a magical place, make a new friend..

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One evening the Sand Witches set out upon the sea, their red-and-white checked sail flapping and snapping in the breeze, to see what mischief and mayhem they could visit upon the creatures along the shore. The Potato Ship's many eyes had been closed in dreamy slumber by a sweet-dream spell, so there was no fear of being swept off-course by the wayward sea-craft.