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Monday, June 9, 2008

On A Boat In the Rain

Soaking, cold head lowered against the pathetic sky It sulks in grey and imagines that it knows about sorrow about tears Consider this, sky... You have no heart to be broken, only pouting clouds that may break apart or drift away allowing sunlight to fall through again No sunlight hides behind the... Sign in to see full entry.


Breathing like an old asthmatic grasping onto life wondering why haven't you had enough yet? sucking in dust swirling halos in the sunlight fool's gold I need air burning buildings lungs too choked to scream they plummet from windows they haven't hit bottom yet in, out, push, pull this is my... Sign in to see full entry.

Monday, June 2, 2008


I would like to write something clever about bridges. Do they divide or bring together? If we burn them do we strand ourselves, or simply begin anew? Of what should they be made? Steel? For then we can be assured of congress with the past. Woven vines, with trust in Divine Providence? (Or tempting... Sign in to see full entry.


my self expands through pores and the emptiness is filled with hatred because nature abhors... losing self losing ground floating is too lovely a word so is death I press heavy pillows onto my head against my body so I can't drift away but no drifting would be too easy I could lose my self I try to... Sign in to see full entry.


He dreams in black and white Perhaps this gives boundaries to his vacillating world Borders are as foreign As the logic of life The broken mosaics too fractured to piece together So light and shadow carve chasms In a darkened mind To guide it when he wakes to guard it when he wakes He does not... Sign in to see full entry.


The day the sun fell from the heights Dislodging show'rs of starry lights A monstrous groan of heaving stone Let lose all pestilence and blight Down from new-made mountains high They came with piteous wailing cry Astounded terror at their error Deaf to God's heartrending sigh Trees and gardens torn... Sign in to see full entry.


With gallant heart and ardent soul He knew what he must do: T'was time, at last, to undertake The Taming of the Shoe. A dreadful cunning filled his mind - He looked upon her sole. He found it tough as leather, And her eyes were steely holes Her wicked tongue would not lie still He longed to cut it... Sign in to see full entry.

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