Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New features and user experience improvements!

Blogit is pleased to announce the following new features and improvements to the Blogit user experience based on requests from members:

New blog upgrades include:
  • Blogs are now displayed more quickly using new Microsoft technology.
  • If you have the Silver or Gold plan, you may now add a calendar to your blogs by selecting the calendar template from the list of choices or by checking the "Show calendar" box in the Easy Template Designer. (If you have an advanced template, learn how to add these features.)
Most blogs will also see the following features (if you have the Gold plan and are using an advanced template, learn how to add these features; if you are a Classic subscriber using a Classic custom template, these new features are not supported):
  • Each blog now includes a list of the 5 most recent entries on the right side of the blog under the section titled "Recent Entries".
  • You can now find the URL for each blog entry or comment on the web page itself so that you don't have to know to click on Permalink *and* find it in the web address field. To find the URL, click on the "link to this" link under each blog entry and each comment.
Additional user experience improvements include:
  • When responding to a specific comment, the subject of your comment automatically includes "Re: comment subject" so that readers can easily see what you are responding to.
  • You can now click on the Last and First links instead of only the Next and Previous links to skip to the end or beginning on Search results or when looking for entries on a blog.
  • With the most common Blogit nicknames already taken, Blogit now suggests a nickname if the one you want is not available.
  • Popularity rank now has an information icon next to it; simply mouse over the icon to learn how popularity ranks are calculated by Blogit.
  • To prevent spam, emails (both member-to-member emails and email-this-page emails) are now limited to 5 in a 24-hour period.
We continue to improve Blogit based on members' feedback, and appreciate all input from Blogit members. Thank you!


Blogit Team

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blogit commenting system upgrade

Based on your suggestions, Blogit today released several changes and upgrades to the Blogit commenting system available to members:
  1. View up to 100 pages of comments in the "New Comments" section linked from the Blogit home page (like the New Blogit Entries pages). You can now easily stay abreast of the latest discussions.
  2. View all the comments that you've left on blogs so that you can return to a specific comment and see if anyone has responded. You will find this new feature on your My Account page, where the "Pictures & Links" section is now called the "Comments, Pictures & Links" section and has a "View comments I've added" link.
  3. When responding to a comment, you can now see the comment you are responding to.
  4. The comments link under each blog entry that used to say, for example, "Comments (1)" now says "Add or View Comments (1)" to reduce confusion among new members who want to add or view a comment. If you have a custom template that says "Comments", please consider updating its text to reduce confusion for readers.
  5. The "New Comments" page now reloads automatically so you no longer have to keep refreshing it to view the newest comments.
  6. Check out all of the comments ever left on your blog entries via your "Write" page and the "View new comments" link (previously, you could only see only four pages of comments on your blogs).
    1. Please let us know if you have any questions about these. Thank you.

      Blogit Team

    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    Blogit Toolbar Upgrade

    As posted on the Community Help blog as well, Blogit has released a significant upgrade to the Blogit toolbar that improves your experience when writing or editing blog entries and comments. This release has been in final testing for the last several weeks as mentioned in this response in early January, and includes the following:
    1. A reorganized layout with icons grouped together by category so it's easier to find what you're looking for -- like the toolbar in Microsoft's new Office 2007.
    2. Microsoft Word-like inline spellcheck (no annoying separate dialog box).
    3. Improved performance on the new Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 web browsers.
    4. Various bug fixes for all web browsers.
    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you.

    Blogit Team
    Updated 2/16/07 9:03 am

    Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    New Comments Page Improved To Load Faster

    Blogit is working on improving your user experience.

    The writer's New Comments page now loads faster even if there are a lot of comments on your blogs.
    Thank you.

    Blogit Team

    Friday, October 6, 2006

    Blogit toolbar has been upgraded

    The new Blogit toolbar loads faster on return visits and has a number of bug fixes.
    The new toolbar also helps you produce blog entries that load more quickly and look better when viewed in different web browsers.
    In addition, most features of the Blogit toolbar are now available to those members who are using the Safari web browser.
    Thank you.

    Blogit Team

    Saturday, August 26, 2006

    Exclusive preview of Gozoof for Blogit members

    Starting today, we have an exclusive preview for Blogit members of a new service from Shaycom, the folks that bring you Blogit. 
    Check out Blogit's sister site, Gozoof at
    If you know of something great on the Web (a website, a blog entry, a news story, or anything else) consider adding it to Gozoof and help people find it!
    Or, if you are looking for something, check out Gozoof to see if people have recommendations they have entered and rated for you.
    For feedback on this service, please email Gozoof.

    Blogit Team

    Sunday, June 25, 2006

    Blogit surpasses 1,500,000 in comments!

    Earlier today, Blogit reached the one-and-a-half million mark in comments as it also nears 400,000 blog entries on tens of thousands of blogs written by thousands of Blogit writers. Go Blogit!

    The 1,500,000th comment in Blogit's history was posted by sarooster on June 25, 2006 at 1:31 PM PST (or Blogit Standard Time) and can be found here. "sarooster" has been a member since August 22, 2004.

    Thank you all for making Blogit a wonderful community of readers and writers. Here's to the next million comments!


    Blogit Team

    Friday, January 6, 2006

    Blogit Search improvements

    Blogit's search feature has been improved and is now more comprehensive than beforeUntil recently, members were unable to search the name of a blog itself via Blogit Search and had to use a search engine.
    You may now enter any word or phrase in the Blogit Home page search box to find results sorted by relevance or date for all blogs, blog entries, and member nicknames. As before, comments may be searched via the Search page.
    The Search page is reached by clicking on the Search link on the top right of the Blogit website. Here, you can search all blog content including thousands of Blogit member nicknames, tens of thousands of blog names, over three hundred thousand blog entries, and over one-and-a-quarter million comments.
    The Search page allows you to search via three different tabs:
    • Blogs search includes blog names, the titles of all blog entries, and all content within those entries;
    • Comments search allows you to search every comment on Blogit; and,
    • Members search allows you to search Blogit nicknames.
    Please make sure that you select the appropriate tab if you're interested in searching, for example, comments rather than blogs or member nicknames. While it may take up to 60 minutes for new comments to appear in search results, you can view the latest comments almost immediately via the New Comments link on the Home page.
    Move over Google!
    Blogit Team

    Tuesday, December 20, 2005


    Thank you for your feedback on the new Blogit categories. Based on your input, we are changing the name of one of the existing categories (now renamed Arts & Photography) and adding two new categories:

    • Single Life
    • Members' Games (this category is meant to include all quizzes, puzzles, games etc. that Blogit members have created for other members to participate in).

    With 18 new categories in place, you may wish to move your blog to a more relevant category or change your blog's name via your blog editing page (as explained in the Blogit Help section on this topic).

    You may reach your blog editing page by first clicking on the "Write" link in the navigation bar, and then clicking "Edit" next to the name of the blog.

    Once there, please click on the relevant link that allows you to change the name, description, or category as well as adjust display settings such as the number of entries on each of your blog pages or the length of excerpts shown to nonsubscribers.

    Thank you.

    Blogit Team

    Friday, December 16, 2005

    Blogit improvements and changes

    The holidays came early on Blogit. Based on your requests, and in an effort to improve the user experience for Blogit members, we have made the following changes besides the new toolbar:
    • We have added 16 new categories based on Blogit members' suggestions (for a total of 39!) -- for you to fill with your writing prowess.
    • To encourage browsing of all blogs and categories, the Browse page now focuses on a list of Blogit categories rather than the blogs in one category.
    • The term "post" has been changed to "blog entry" (shortened to "entry" where appropriate).
    • Sorting of blogs within a category now uses a drop-down menu instead of links.
    • The default presentation of blogs on Category pages is now sorted by the Last Entry Time to highlight the freshest content. You may still sort blogs by popularity and name.
    • In addition, you can now sort blogs on each Category page in both alphabetical and reverse alphabetical order.
    • The Search tab for "posts" is now called "blogs".
    Thank you.

    Blogit Team

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