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My great-great grandmother was an African slave from Mozambique and was owned by a man called Hugo in what was known at the time as The Cape of Storms. She bore him a son who adopted the surname Demas (Demas was one of the lesser known disciples of Christ) One of his grandsons was my grandfather on my mother’s side. He was an ordained Pastor of the African Methodist Episcopal Church that originated in the USA. My grandmother, against her better judgement went to a church conference in Florida while suffering from breast cancer. She died there. We have been trying to locate her grave in the USA since then.

My father’s great grandfather was a minor chief of one of the Batswana tribes that fled to South Africa from Botswana during the Difaqane wars when one terrorist called Mzilikazi who had imperialist ambitions, spread terror amongst the peace loving tribes of the region. My father’s tribe fled southwards to what is now called the Free State, where the kindly King Moshoeshoe gave them land to settle on. The Chief of another tribe coveted my ancestors beautiful white horse and wife and on a hunting trip killed him and made it look like an accident and took both the horse and widow for himself.

So there you are. I have both royal blood and slave blood if you can call it that, running in my veins and with Hugo in the family tree, you can say I am truly a child of the Global Village.

I have worked as a teacher, studied fine art at university but left in a huff after the professors insisted I must work within the framework of accepted (European ) values, played the trumpet and trombone in a band, played soccer until I broke my leg twice, studied medicine and specialised in Psychiatry. My wife is a Clinical Psychologist and we no longer argue about directions since GPS was introduced. She now blames the contraption when we get lost driving. That is what you can expect from stuff bought in The East, I tell her. For once we agree. We have three grown up children .The less said about them the better.

I have been blogging now for about four years, but have been writing to entertain myself since time immemorial. Talk about art for art’s sake. Besides blogging, I am busy preparing for an art exhibition at the end of this year and working on a novel.

The word "setaki" loosely translated means "artist." It is an African term though it sounds Japanese.


Location: South Africa
Primary occupation: Psychiatrist
Dream occupation: Best selling author
Hometown: Bloemfontein
Schools attended: St Francis College, Mariannhill, Natal, South Africa
I like: Art,music,fiction,soccer,movies,blogging,travelling
Favorite writers: Stephen King,Nadine Gordimer, Zakes Mda, Paulo Coelho
Favorite books: The Help, The Dome, Da Vinci Code,The Alchemist
Favorite newspapers: City Press
Favorite magazines: Noseweek
Favorite music: African Jazz and Rap,Gospel, Country,Mbaqanga
Favorite movies: Mr. Bones
Favorite TV shows: Mr Bean, Generations, Special Assignment, Zone Reality
Favorite teams: Bafana Bafana
Favorite quote: 'Honesty Is the Best Policy. But liars Prosper' : Stephen KIng
Gender: Male
Religion: Catholic
Political affiliations: Non -aligned

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