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I am a 29 year old female that lives in North Carolina.  I was born in Brooklyn, NY in '78 and i lived there until age 9 when i was moved to NC.  I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters that i don't know well because my mother did not raise any of us.  She was addicted to crack until around '97, at which point i had already become a mother myself and was more bitter about her late recovery efforts than i could be happy.  I married in 2005 and surprisingly we are still together.  Marriage has taught me so much about how i really am and i just can't believe i could show forth some of the qualities of God that i have in dealing lovingly with another person.  Because of my marriage i am able to predict the future.  I am certain that i will never get married again as long as is live.  I joke about my marriage because i could easily start crying, but truly, it is a lovely arrangement.  You just have to be a really good forgiver and it will work.  Moving on... I work as a professional at a mental health and substance abuse provider agency.  I first started to like writing in the 10th grade where a teacher copied an essay i had written and gave it to all of my classmates as a model for writing essays.  It was the first time i felt proud and like I could be good at something.  Later, after becoming pregnant at the age of 17, Writing helped me when the father of the baby broke up with me at 8 months pregnant.  I went to college anyway and near the end of my college career i felt so strongly about pursuing writing because I thought it would cleanse me and that it was what i wanted to do.  The first time i got on stage to recite a poem was the last.  I am hoping that blogit will help me with this love affair i have with writing. 
Location: United States
Primary occupation: Qualified Professional
Dream occupation: writer
Hometown: Roper, NC
Schools attended: East Carolina University
I like: singing, dancing, laughing, talking, listening, helping.
Favorite writers: None.
Favorite books: Haven't read enough to say.
Favorite newspapers: None.
Favorite magazines: None.
Favorite music: Meaningful, instrumental, upbeat, message music
Favorite movies: Little shop of horrors, children of men
Favorite TV shows: Cheaters, Maury
Favorite teams: Those that work well together, so, the patriots
Favorite quote: "Hope in God maketh not ashamed." and "Be anxious for nothing."
Gender: Female
Religion: Jehovah's witness
Political affiliations: None.

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