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Someone suggested writing a lil about myself, though I prefer conversation to find out about a person than to read a bio. I do undersatnd that is not feasable in this instance, so here goes. I am 60 years old this coming April 2018. Born in Mexico and raised in the U.S. since 1963 ( funny that I've lived here longer than most of the racists now alive! Apologies for the political rant, but America has become hateful towards my kind.). This is my home. This is my country, 'less I get deported, of course..lol. I have 2 children I rased from the age of 7 and 9 as a single parent. My younger has a developmental delay and is now 22 yrs old and just landed his first real job (so proud of him). The older, well I've written a couple of poems about her recently, so I don't want to go into that. I am now trying to raise my 2 grandchildren, ages 6 and 4, subsequently had to quit my job to do so. Trying to figure out the arrangements so I can get back to work as I've worked all my life (since I was 7, and started my first paying job at 15 when in high school at Lotaburger.). I served in the Marines when I graduated from high school from 1976 to 1979. It was a horrible experience and it was a great experience! lol..I would never trade those 3 years for anything. I believe everyone should serve a minimum of 2 years in the military so that if you're gonna claim patriotism in country, it should be more from actual experience than expediency and thus if your going to send people to war, you do it with a heavy heart knowing the true cost of what you are doing! Again..sorry! Poetry has been a release for me as I hate the pretentiousness of a journal..at least mine would be pretentious..lol. Even a complaint sounds beautiful if it flows in the proper terms.

Location: United States
Primary occupation: Car Sales
Dream occupation: writer, of course
Hometown: Albuquerque,NM
Schools attended: graduated from Rio Grande HS in 1976
I like: stuff
Favorite writers: Asimov,Tolkien,McCaffrey,Bukowski,Poe, etc.,etc.,etc...
Favorite books: THE HOBBIT..it is the reason I read and write!
Favorite newspapers: There are still newspapers??? Alibi
Favorite magazines: High Times
Favorite music: Rock, not pop!!!
Favorite movies: from 1950s to current
Favorite TV shows: Anything Star Trek, 3rd Rock from the Sun, BB Theory..etc.
Favorite teams: none
Favorite quote: way too many!
Gender: yes..lol..male
Religion: total asshole
Political affiliations: whatever suits me at the moment..

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