Do As Thou Will (Chapters 34 - 43)

By mikes_goddess

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When a rich psychopath begins ritually murdering men in the small city of Logan’s Point, South Carolina, homicide detectives Scott Nolan and Louie Vega are thrown into a world totally alien to them and their guide through a maze of arcane clues, occult lore and twisted logic is Silver Thorne. A modern witch with a dead friend, Silver attempts to keep the detectives one step ahead of a killer not realizing that she may have started it all.


Scott and Silver sat nude, cross-legged in the middle of the bed holding hands.

"You have to learn to listen to your body.” Silver spoke in a soft calm tone. "Close your eyes." she continued. Scott did as she asked. Silver was silent for a moment or two. When she finally spoke, Silver's voice wove its way into Scott's consciousness like a single golden thread, tying the loose thoughts together. "Describe what you feel."

Scott wasn't quick to speak. “I feel the softness of the comforter underneath my body." he paused. "And your hands feel soft in mine." He was smiling.

"Go deeper." Silver urged gently. "How does your body feel?"

"My ass is sore." Scott continued. "My leg is numb. My chin itches. My chest feels ok." He paused to think. "It's a little sore, but ok."

"Take a deep breath." Silver said.

Scott took in a long deep breath. "It still hurts." He winced.

"Go deeper." she whispered. "Tell me what's scaring you. Tell me what hurts there." She touched Scott's chest over his heart.

"He kissed me." Scott was no longer smiling.

"How does that make you feel?" Silver knew what she was asking to him to do. He had to face this.

"Weak." Scott replied. "I couldn't stop him." His voice was filled with fear and defeat.

Silver felt tears running down her face. She had to steady herself. "When did he kiss you?"

"When he paralyzed me," Scott spoke through gritted teeth. He was holding Silver's hands so tightly that it hurt.

"It's ok, Scott." She whispered reassuringly to him. "You would have stopped him if you had been able. And you have the power to make this stop hurting."

"How?" Scott asked. Tears poured down his face.

"You have to let go of it." She replied. "You didn't allow it to happen. You couldn't move. This person was about to kill you and the second or two that it took him to kiss you actually saved your life." She paused, letting him consider this possibility for a moment. "It gave Louie and Nick enough time to get to you."

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