Do As Thou Will (Chapters 7-15)

By mikes_goddess

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When a rich psychopath begins ritually murdering men in the small city of Logan’s Point, South Carolina, homicide detectives Scott Nolan and Louie Vega are thrown into a world totally alien to them and their guide through a maze of arcane clues, occult lore and twisted logic is Silver Thorne. A modern witch with a dead friend, Silver attempts to keep the detectives one step ahead of a killer not realizing that she may have started it all.


Lt. Johnson’s Office
2:10 P.M.

"Well Scott, while you've been taking lessons from the prince of darkness," Nick teased him. "Louie got identification on our second victim. So what did you learn?"

"That this will be the hardest undercover work that I'll ever do," Scott said. "And that Mains is a soft touch. He didn't even put a fight when I asked him to run extended tox screens on the victims."

"I'm not as soft a touch." Nick put her hands on her hips. "The victims bled to death."

"It's twelve thirty or one in the morning. There are still people around the church or at least in the streets. “Scott leaned forward in his chair. "Louie, if you were about to be punched in the chest, even if it caught your totally by surprise, you’d scream, wouldn't you?"

"Probably," Louie agreed. "Or run like hell...or both."

"But no one heard anything." Scott continued his justification. The last thing he really wanted to do was fight with Nick on this one. "I know people around here tend not to want to get involved, but we are up to four bodies. Even the people in Anderson Heights start to complain when the body count rises."

"He has a point," Louie defended.

"I really do not want to have to go and justify the extra expense if you are wrong, Scott." Nick said. “The brass would just love a reason to ride my ass.”

"Does it make sense any other way?" Scott asked.

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