Seems like America is fighting the civil war again, and it is about colour, plus everything else it seems...................

posted by WileyJohn on October 19, 2009 at 11:22 AM | link to this | reply

Re: Bankrupt Philosophy?
actually, RSM, you demonstrate here how little you know about the world outside your own narrow, obstructive philosophy.  You use an extreme example to typify the issue of homosexuality. 

I think everyone will agree that abuse is abuse, no matter the sexuality.  Heteros commit the same kind of abuse, even worse at times than you mention here.  With babies at that.  We get news at least twice a year of  schoolteachesr (both major sexes) engaging in sex with underage students, some consensual, some not.  You would typify homosexuality as being solely abusive in that area, it seems -- as if homosexuality gives rise to such, when such abuse is ubiquitous.

You fall for the baseless fearmongering inaccuracies spread by the opposition to the health care inintiative.  And about the elderly being resopnsible for high medical cost -- you read into things what isn't there.  The problem is having expensive procedures to extend a life when it isn't necessary -- you again take what is a logical conclusion -- that of questioning expensive procedures to prolong a life a few months when the person could quitely spend their last days at home, among loved ones, and spare their loved ones such a great expense.

And you already pay increased healthcare costs for people who can't pay.  Public hospitals have been discontinued for the most part (here, we lost three and gained a half of one) and the burden is shifted to an already overburdened private system.  A universal system would be a lot cheaper than the present and would save lives.

"defenseless in scrapping a missile defense system in Europe"?  Hardly!  It wasn't necessary that missile system, and was opposed by the people of the countries involved (was strongarmed by the Bush Administration), made them more vulnerable, revved up Cold War fears, lowered U.S. world esteem, was another useless defense project to spend money on and increase our deficit without any real return.

We talk about putting the country in debt.  Let's look at who does that best.  You find a graph of the national debt and you find that before Reagan, it was minimal.  During the REagan years, it skyrocketed to amounts unseen, about five to ten times the greatest before.  What we also find is that the Republicans pressured Clinton into erasing that debt, threatened to withdraw any support they had.  Clinton cut programs and raised tzxes (actually he restored taxes that had been reduced) and we had a surplus.  Buch came in and gave is debts that made REgan's pale by comparison.  But by lower tzxes for the wealthy and increasing defense spending -- who knows in what areas.

Yes, now we are in debt; but the spending ws and is necessary if our country is to survive economically.  The debt averts a depression that would make the 30's look like affluence.

And about Bush?  What I have written?  It is absolute truth, taken from reliable and unimpeachable news sources.  Every bit of it is fact.  It happened.  Bush did not excel as a youth; he did not excel at Yale (was mediocre), was able to stay stateside during Vietnam through his dad's high level connections, was involved in questionable oil pipeline dealings in South America, was made figurehead CEO of a failing savings and loan, made 70 k for a few months of sitting on his kiester, was elected governor of TExas because Ann Richard's mouth got her in trouble, a positon that some say is a figurehead at best, and was elected in 2000 through very questionable activities in Florida.

And about liberalism being dead -- hardly.  I think what the conservatives have been doing lately will badkfire, work against them.  Such filthiness in tactics and attacks can do nothing but turn the general populace against them.  I am trying to find the right in the Right.  What's right about hiding crimnal activities?  What's right about invading a soveriegn coutry with no real reason for it?  What's right about the dwindling Middle Class and the totally inflated corporate profits and CEO salaries and bonuses? What's right about people dying from lack of health care?  What's right about the general populace being unable to pay for prevoiusly affordabe services such as public college and other things.

What's right about deregulation, airlines, savings and loans, banks -- this all has been disastrous.

Why don't you answer my questions?  What is positive about the Right, conservative phlosophy?

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what we are talking about here is what the law is about
and the law says that free speech ends where slander begins, basically.  I would call the Big Bird thing slanderous.

posted by Xeno-x on October 14, 2009 at 6:41 AM | link to this | reply

Re: Before I log off.

Do you honestly think that this rules our life? Your comments here could be appluied to everyone including myself in the politics section of Blogit. I must admit that it is the only website that allows free speech. The rest are just like this nation is today, pathetic. if I was kicked off tomorrow for something I said i would have to say it would be about a 100% chance of me going on living. There are so many things out there so much bigger than this which is what we write about here. I do not care about being offended because I am not that thin skinned as people seem to be today. I would rather for Xeno to dish it to me hard because I am going to throw it back harder. I guess that nowadays the retentiveness of people has become ridiculous. Your list here is fine and dandy but if you are not passionate about something then you are just existing. Like I said, I would rather Xeno and kooka throw all they have at me than sit here and write back and forth to a fencesitter.

Have a great day!

posted by RedStatesMan on October 13, 2009 at 7:52 PM | link to this | reply

Bankrupt Philosophy?

I know that you would prefer we all subscribe to your philosophy which is so right. So if I subscribe to your philosophy then I should support the idea of a gay man propositioning a 15 years old boy then asking him if he enjoyed it right? You must love homosexuality since you support it so much. What is that you like about it so much Xeno? What apart or act of homosexuality do you like the most, tell us so we may understand? What part of the homosexual agenda just makes you so excited and right in your eyse? What part of your grandchildren being approach by a homosexual and asked "Did you wear a condom? Did you enjoy it", what part of that is right in your eyes. Tell me!

What part of taking medicaid from the elderly and the handicapped makes it so right in your eyes. Tell me! What part of blaimng the elderly and handicapped for the high cost of healthcare is right in your eyes. Tell me! Speak louder! what part of that speak to a party so-called being her to support the poor and disadvantaged? What part is it that makes it right? Tell me!

What part of rendering the nation defenseless in scrapping a missile defense system in Europe is right, what part of that makes us and our allies who now hates us safer? Answer me! What part is right for your regime leader to place a speech about homosexual demands before speaking with our general concerning an important decision about the war?

What part of putting this nation in debt for the next 100 years is right? You complained about Bush doing it but yet your regime leader has blown the roof off more than all presidents put together, so what part of that is right?

What part of anything that you have ever written about Bush has not been libelous? 

Your 60's generation will not win this nation! That is more than a promise! The right will prevail because we are right and it has been proven all of these years. Just look at what your kind have rendered. A government full of excrement!


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Before I log off.

Here are a couple of Blogit rules apparently seldom read around here.  Just thought I'd add a little "illogical emotion" to this debate:

3) Respect the rights of others to enjoy Blogit. Please do not participate in antisocial, disruptive, or destructive acts. This includes but is not limited to, "flaming" (making insulting criticisms or remarks to incite anger), "spamming" (posting numerous and/or unwanted and disruptive items), and "trolling" (intentionally inciting negative disruption, such as posting to make purely negative or disruptive comments).

9) Respect others’ copyright. It is a violation of the Terms of Use, United States law, and international law to repost any work from copyrighted sources without permission. Copyrighted sources include everything from printed newspapers to another member’s blogs; all members retain their copyright when posting on Blogit. You may provide a brief synopsis of an article or other writing and/or provide relevant commentary while quoting a few sentences but please do not post a written work in its entirety or substantially in its entirety. To learn more about copyright, please see 10 Big Myths About Copyright.

posted by myrrhage_ on October 13, 2009 at 2:11 PM | link to this | reply

Re: Re: Hi Xeno,
Corbin, those are the rules whether you like them or not, and your reasoning is flawed at best and is based on feeling rather than reason, despite your claim to the contrary.  Otherwise you would not "feel" the need to twist my words out of shape.  I do not post poetry written by others without any actual writing of my own to accompany it, and neither do I insert HTML of work done by others.

posted by myrrhage_ on October 13, 2009 at 1:44 PM | link to this | reply

Re: Hi Xeno,
I love elitist tripe.......the people who know what's best for us now feel (I use feel because that is the preferred expression from the left, they feel instead of think)  that we should be denied our privilege of posting audio-video items to demonstrate a point we might be making.......

That's like saying poetry shouldn't be allowed if it doesn't rhyme......silly sounding, isn't it.  It's as if I had been drinking kool-aid or something......

perhaps we could set up a Blogit review board.....all posts would be submitted for review and approved posts would then be posted for all to see.  You know, the kinds that are actual writings?  But what do I know...I just come here to have fun, express what I think (not what I feel), and provide a differing point of view for those interested.  I BLOG....I am a Blogger. 

posted by Corbin_Dallas on October 13, 2009 at 1:17 PM | link to this | reply

Hi Xeno,
This is the first and likely only time in my Blogit history that I agree with Corbin.  Well... sort of.  First of all, it's on The Tonight Show's producers to produce the copyright they purchased to use the Sesame Street clip.  Also, many, many spoofs were made of GW Bush, whether Democrats liked it or not.  This is still a country of free speech though the speech used may be offensive.  I say this despite the fact that, as Corbin says, the video is poking fun at Right Wing extremists and Birthers.

Corbin makes it very clear that he despises Liberals, period, and he particularly dislikes Obama.  There will never be any convincing him otherwise.  The spirit by which he posted this video, however, is as usual designed to get a rise out of his readers.  I'd say he succeeded.  My suggestion is that we stop using YouTube videos in this manner.  I posted this suggestion here: http://www.blogit.com/Blogs/Blog.aspx/help/631590

This is the sort of thing that detracts from actual writing and honest debate on this site.  As such, the laws of the land only apply at Blogit as far as Shaycom deigns necessary or prudent.  Otherwise, da rulez is da rulez, and Shaycom - not Congress - makes doz rulez.

posted by myrrhage_ on October 13, 2009 at 12:48 PM | link to this | reply

One can tell that it's getting closer to Thanksgiving.......
cause you're getting more full of it than a Thanksgiving turkey........It is a political parody and totally within the law......just as you can take songs and reword them for political usage and not be concerned with the copyright issues.   You state this originates from Conservatives......yet the origin of what you are nattering about is Conan's tonight show.  You know on that right wing network....NBC.......

It is actually poking fun at Birthers.......

Here's the original clip.....

Conan: Big Bird Gets Right-Wing Crazy on Michelle Obama -

See what happens when you go off half cocked?

posted by Corbin_Dallas on October 13, 2009 at 12:03 PM | link to this | reply

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