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Mother of disabled
I saw you on my people list and read you profile. I am a mother two special needs children. I enroled in college at age forty and only finished one year in behavior health. It took me eight years to get there, and got ill and had to quit. I  wish I was able to get out there and make a difference, the best I can do Is have parties for special people on Christmas and Halloween. I have people of all ages , it is open house for      them . the first one I had over 60 palp showed up. Thank God I  live close to stores I would have ran out  of  everything. It turned out  great. They danced and sang, roasted marshmallows. played pool. and games.  everyone won a prize for something. I loved . It was a bit unorganized, but I had no idea so many people would show up. Some of the day programs came and respite providers with   them. I was trying to find my children some friends. The like to come here because it is not so  structured. Most of the adults are   control , told what they are going to do and what to  eat, and they are different. However when they are here. they are the cool ones they are not stared at or catered to they are just a bunch of guys and girls hanging out . Oh well It is getting tough here in WV for these people, I am scared to take my kids to the Hospital. Six of the people in my Halloween Party  2007 have died. just because they have no one to fight for them. They are deprived the simplest  of treatment. It was in the paper two weeks ago . That one of the group homes were being investigated for four unexplained deaths . in 6 weeks. They stood and watched a women die and would not give mouth to mouth. They where order to shut down. And DHHR stepped in and allowed them to stay open.allowed them to stay open. I wish I had the education and energy , you have. My life has been turned upside down with mental illness of every kind. I have never read a book until my SISTER,and my HUSBAND in a three month time period That was BI-POLER. I had  my SON with DOWN SYNDROME, DAUGHTER, SELECTIVE MUTISM, AUTISTIC LIKE SYMPTOMS. SISTER  DEPRESSION, NIECE,SELFMUTILATOR, ALCOHOLICS, DRUG ADDICITION,MYSELF SOCIAL ANXIETY, AND DEPRESSION. i AM THE CARETAKER OF THE OTHERS SO THEY DON'T KNOW THAT I HAVE A BATTLE EVERYDAY TO DEAL WITH. I AM ALL THEY HAVE. IT IS LIKE THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND. ONE DOESN'T KNOW THE LEADER IS BLIND AS WELL. . tHANK YOU FOR                        FIGHTING FOR                                THOES WHO CAN NOT. YOU MUST BE A SPECIAL PERSON.

posted by mylifeofpain on November 4, 2009 at 2:47 PM | link to this | reply

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