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STAR4U - Jul 25, 2008
On a summer noon I leave, but will be back on winter night... - I always...
Self-Help - Popularity rank: 2976

Pearls and gems - Jul 25, 2008
see you when I can - for now leaving for a little bit.....
On Blogging - Popularity rank: 2977

PARADISE GARDEN - Jul 25, 2008
So I cancelled this as of tomorrow and it ends up on tomorrow... - Leave...
Poetry - Popularity rank: 2978


You can make it beautiful - Dec 28, 2007

by star4sky5626 words, article

about life. You can make it a paradise. a view to my thoughts.

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Money - Dec 28, 2007

by star4sky5888 words, article

money. it's all about money.

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