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Memoirs from a Segregated Education - Dec 30, 2007

by katevance1,673 words, short story

Racism in NYC school system. Trials and tribulations of being "bussed" to an all white school as told from the eyes of an 11 year-old black girl. The author, a woman raised in New York City, remembers her shock and revulsion upon learning that she was never taught.

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Slowly the urine began to run down her legs and she sat there dreading the horror that was about to pounce on her. She knew that she should have raised her hand and asked to be excused, but she couldn't. She just sat there, frozen in her chair, fearing the worst. Fearing the humiliation of bringing attention to herself. Was it shyness? No. It was sheer terror at the prospect of being called upon to give an answer to questions she didn't understand. Terror at the thought of asking to be excused..