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henmylyn's recommendation - Jun 22, 2008
"Before Modern Medical Care" - People long ago thought evil spirits caused...
Health & Fitness - Popularity rank: 2998 Info

"Flowers" - Jun 23, 2008

by henmylyn593 words, article

What's a flower for?. The world is full of flowers.They grow on every continent.. What exactly is a flower? What's it for?.

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Bees and Pollen When a bee visits a flower, tiny grains called pollen stick to the bee. The bee then carries the pollen to another flower. This process, known as pollination, is necessary for many plants to make seeds and fruit.

"Outdoor Adventure" - Jun 23, 2008

by henmylyn99 words, short story

Camping. How relaxing,fun and enjoy exploring the nature. You can set up camp in your own backyard or spend weeks living in the wilderness..

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Dreams - Jun 22, 2008

by henmylyn95 words, poem

Dreams for perfect love. In dreams,the perfect love has a sweet smile,tender voice, a touch that seem meant just for you.. Everyone of us searching for perfect love.

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Hope you found him/her too! coz I did...

Money - Jun 20, 2008

by henmylyn475 words, article

Money around the world. What is money?How was money invented?. Money is more than just paperbills and metal coins....

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COINS AND BILLS Once people started trading metals as money, coins were soon invented. A Turkish kingdom called Lydia made the first metal coins around 600 bc. The coins were stamped with the king’s seal. About the same time, people in China began to use paper money. In the past, paper money often stood for a precious metal like gold. You could go to the government or a bank and trade your paper bills for actual gold. Today, in most countries, you can’t trade paper money for precious metals....

Sea Horse - Jun 20, 2008

by henmylyn240 words, article

Sea Horse (sea animal). Sea horses are a kind of fish called pipefish... How they live,swim and what do they eat?.

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SEA HORSES IN AQUARIUMS Many people keep sea horses as pets in home aquariums (water tanks). Sea horses are delicate and need special care. Each sea horse needs at least 2 gallons (8 liters) of sea water to stay healthy. Pieces of coral and other objects should be placed in the aquarium for sea horses to cling to. A good diet for sea horses is live food, such as baby brine shrimp. If well cared for, sea horses can live as long as six years

Head Lice - Jun 20, 2008

by henmylyn56 words, article

Lice or Tiny Paracitic Insects. Lice are more likely to be a problem..... When the blood quality becomes more acidic....

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