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CHAPTER 13: Laurie - A teenager like Laurie should not have to deal with...
Fiction - Popularity rank: 813

Autherential Sciences - Apr 23, 2013
Bambylaysian Studies. Materiology - BAMBYLAYSIAN STUDIES: What is...
Science & Nature - Popularity rank: 814

WHAT IS GOD? - Feb 2, 2013
Sanctity of Silence. - Silence is a precious gift. Silence is the...
Religion & Spirituality - Popularity rank: 847

AUTHERENS PART 1, CHAPTER 10 - Mar 31, 2012
CHAPTER 10: Vantraisea: Conflict between the Heart and Mind - Vantraisea,...
Fiction - Popularity rank: 975


Spirit of The Ecclectic... - Jul 23, 2010

by Javaret23,474 words, book

The Answer for Confusion.. Islam? Christianity? Which one is right? Spirit of the Ecclectic contains some of the answers to this question. Religion...

Buy now $40.00


Chapter 1: Discusses the principles of this new ecclectic approach to spiritual living. Chapter 2: Looks into the nature of divinity and truth. Chapter 3: Looks at the issues of suffering and self. Chapter 4: Discusses sexuality from a new perspective away from religious stigmatization. Chapter 5: Discusses the purpose of life: to create synchronicities that suit us. Chapter 6: Hones in on the many stories that describe this new spirituality. Chapter 7: Draws the battle lines for modern living..

Fairy Tales of The Modern Age Part I - Sep 9, 2009

by Javaret4,728 words, short story

A compilation of Fairy Tales... Fairy Tales that talk about modern issues for the broadening of children's minds of today.. With more happening in the world, children should be nurtured to see the world as it exists today..

Buy now $4.00


Part 1 includes stories such as: Fairy Princess and the Battle for Light, The Dirty Princess and the Poor Clean Girl, The Elephant and the Egg, The Wizard and the Dust, and The prohibitions of the Prophet. Part 2 will come up with other bizarre tales from the mind of your story wizard!!!

The Saga of Michelle and Steve Chapters ONE and TWO. - Sep 9, 2009

by Javaret1,845 words, short story

The struggle of romance.... First three chapters of how love life and professionalism could never be compatible. Forbidden love in a cruel world.. Based on my opinions of love and romance and how the two never really meet..

Buy now $3.50


Experience the pain of choice between two going to be lovers. How they come to resolve real life issues over their lustful desires to be with each other, and the risks and circumstances that come about. A drama full of vivid characters placed in a university setting and not far from the truth for certain people who try to keep their professionalism and their desires separated, but, alas, both stumble upon each other in an epic untold before. Experience the delight and shock of this tale of...