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Hi Everyone,

My name is Java Jo. It is best to keep it that way. Should the world know who I am, they would probably shoot me for my insightful ideas of the world. A lot of what I say and do here is passionate.

I come from the beautiful land of Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo. I am part Scots-Irish and part Malay. It has given me many insights into culture, life, and what it means to be a global citizen.

One of my many pet peeves; in fact the highest in my agenda is: the domination of religious thought in many cultures across the world. I don't have one particular creed I would like to follow, but embrace as many creeds to understand what it is to really be human. Furthermore, it is not in these creeds that we find the truth of it all, it is in our own experiences!!! That's what really counts.

My mission here is to provide prose and spiritual messages that validates my views for the world. "Validates" might not be the best way to describe it, but confirms my beliefs.

I am a student of History by profession and have been a teacher and editor in Singapore prior to my move to Perth in Western Australia. I currently live in this wonderful, peaceful, yet wild city of the West!!! Isolated in every senses, I find myself very much isolated here.

I remember a saying that: A famous Sufi Mysitc (So famous I can't remember his name) DIED one day for want of a pen to write his thoughts. Well, I feel with him, for not the want of a, excuse my language, Creative Online Expression (Otherwise today's version of the mystic's pen), I, too, would have imploded and eventually exploded into all that compulsions, which used to lurk in my past!!!

I am glad that there's such place to be expressive. As a Eurasian, vouching for a global new culture, and espouses the New Cultural History approach, by the by (Inform my Historiography Professor, so I don't need to do that essay of 3,000 words next week), I hope, with my posting, People oh People, will not be so stupid to stick to their own kind, and integrate. We are the world indeed, let's make a better place for you and for me!!! Gonna be sued by THE Big M.J. now!

Disclaimer: This website is making me procrastinate even better from doing actual History!!! But, it's all GOOD!!!!  to all!


Bless all you Gods,

Java Jo...

Location: Australia
Primary occupation: History Student
Dream occupation: Playwright
Hometown: Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Schools attended: National University of Singapore, St. Joseph's Secondary School,
I like: To ruin assumptions, presumptions, norms, and customs.....
Favorite writers: C.S. Lewis, R.L Stine, M. Scott Peck, Patrick Carnes, Karen Armstrong, David Lowenthal, Magnus Magnusson...
Favorite books: Fear Street Saga, Narnia Chronicles, The Road Less Travelled Sagas, The Great Transformation, The Story of Scotland...
Favorite newspapers: None, I find them a waste of space, time, spirit, and money!!!
Favorite magazines: National Geographic, Newsweek, Times.....
Favorite music: The Music I Like: Retro, Rock, Pop, Soul, Ballads, Jazz, Musicals, Alternative, and of course; Tommy Page...
Favorite movies: A Lady in the Black Veil: LOL!!! Can't think of any: Lots of movies I like!!1
Favorite TV shows: Charles In CHarge, Full House, Growing Pains, The Cosby Show, Friends, Frasier, Star Trek, Beverly Hills 90210,
Favorite teams: My own Friends: They make a good team, should we ever get together!!!!
Favorite quote: Never believe someone who says he's in charge!!!!
Gender: Male
Religion: Biggest Pet Peeve.
Political affiliations: Second Biggest Pet Peeve

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