Increasing Readership, Rankings and Earnings

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Here are some suggestions that may help increase your blogs' readership, which in turn helps improve rankings and earnings:

Create only as many blogs as you can update regularly. This can help your readership, rankings and earnings, since readers will be more likely to remember your blogs' names and add them to their Favorites list.

To add a new entry to an existing blog, click "Write" (at the top-right corner of the page) and click "Add entry" next to the name of the blog. You can add as many entries as you like, as frequently as you want.

Add entries frequently and consistently. If possible, add a new entry to your blog at least once a day. Recently updated blogs will appear on the home page under New Blog Entries, and are also more likely to appear in Featured Blogs. Adding entries consistently will also keep loyal readers coming back regularly. It takes time and attention to build a readership and attract new readers.

Split long entries into several shorter ones. Many readers prefer to read shorter entries on a computer screen.

Read and comment on other writers' entries. If other readers find your comments of interest, they will click your Blogit nickname to read your blogs, and the blog's author may recommend your blog.

Write on topics that are of interest to readers. When you see many readers comment on an entry, consider writing on similar topics.

Write different blogs in different categories. To appeal to different groups of readers, write a small number of blogs on different topics in different categories -- as long as you can update them regularly.

Publicize your blogs outside of Blogit. To learn more, read the Publicizing Blogs Help page.

 Related Help page: Tracking Readership, Rankings and Earnings

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