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On Blogit, writer earnings are public, just like feedback information on other sites such as eBay. If you are a popular writer who consistently attracts existing and new readers, then your earnings will reflect that. If you are a recent Blogit member, please note that it can take several months to get an accurate sense of your earning potential.

When a reader's monthly cycle ends, their subscription fee is divided between the writers they read during that monthly cycle. For example, if a reader visits your blog on January 25, and their monthly cycle ends on February 20, the corresponding earnings will appear on your March 1 statement. As a result, it may take up to two months for a writer to see all of their earnings.

Page views

The "Page views" column on the Write page shows the number of times a blog has been viewed. This number, which is updated in real-time, increases by one every time a reader views a page of that blog.

The number does not increase when you read your own blog or when a reader views a comments page. To see the current numbers, please refresh the Write page, e.g. in Internet Explorer, choose Refresh from the View menu.

Please note that rankings and earnings are not directly related to page views. This is because rankings depend on the number of unique readers each day and earnings depend on how many pages your readers are reading in total each month.

Note: This feature was added on February 11, 2005. Views before that date are not counted.

Blog popularity rank

A blog's popularity rank, as shown on each member's profile, is based on the number of unique readers each day for the past seven days. This benefits blogs that consistently attract readers.

"Unique readers" means that no matter how often someone reads a blog, they are only counted once when the popularity rank is calculated. This ensures fair rankings by allowing each person to only "vote" once. Since the rankings are calculated over seven days, even four days is not necessarily sufficient to change a blog's popularity rank.

To see a blog's popularity rank, click on that blog writer's nickname to see their profile. The popularity rank is displayed next to each blog name. For example, if the popularity rank is 10, that means there are 9 blogs that are more popular than that blog.

You can also always view the 100 most popular blogs on Blogit by clicking on the Top Blogs link on the home page.

Most Popular Blogs by Category

If you click on any of the categories on the Blogit home page, you can see the blogs that are the most popular in that category. This ranking within the category is based on the overall popularity ranking for the blogs.

You can sort the blogs in each category by Name (in alphabetical order), by Popularity (their ranking within the category) and by Date (based on when they were updated with a new entry).

Most Popular Today

This list is based on the number of unique readers of each blog during the past 24 hours. As a result, it changes rapidly and provides a "snapshot" of what people are currently most interested in.

 Related Help page: Increasing Readership, Rankings and Earnings

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