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Publicize your blogs outside of Blogit

There is a huge audience out there, so let them know about your blogs. Consider posting or advertising on relevant web sites, and inform any friends, family and acquaintances who might be interested. When someone becomes a Blogit member to read your blog, you can get a large chunk of their payment distribution to writers. (Please be careful not to "spam", i.e. send numerous and/or unwanted and disruptive emails.)

When you refer someone to Blogit, you can earn a Referral Bonus. To get the Referral Link that will direct the reader to your blog and allow you to earn the bonus, visit the Referrals page. You can add the Referral Link to your web site or your email signature -- and then spread the word about your blogs!


Every blog on Blogit automatically includes headlines, which readers can use to track your blogs on sites such as My Yahoo. These headlines are published in a standard format called RSS.

Blogit is doing its part

Blogit is advertising on many different web sites and search engines, and promoting great Blogit content to the press.

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