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ariel70, as a first

answer to your question, I must say that the commercial versions aren't as powerful as to involve mass of people at one time. Do you kown anybody who owns and manages a phone tower? What would you think if all the population living in the vicinity of mobile phone tower would have their skin burnt, or were all killed? The aim of weapons used in mind control it is not to mass murder but to control the beahviour of people; not to kill us all, but to control us all.

On the other hand, what makes you think that the governments you quote and the terrorists are not using those weapon against specific targets?

posted by Luxbring on August 7, 2005 at 5:38 AM | link to this | reply

ariel70 this is my answer to your question:

YES, I think that is also the risk, i.e. that terrorists and non-terrorists without ethics will use them against any citizen who's seen by them as a simple target.

The fact that they would be available to terrostists doesn't exclude that they could be used by "non-terrorists" to covertly reach their disputable aims. Thanks for reading.

posted by Luxbring on August 5, 2005 at 4:42 AM | link to this | reply


I agree : the initiation, and furthering, of disputes in any venue is both futile, and can often be hurtful too, and I apologise if I unwittingly gave you the impression that such is my intention. It is not.

 However, I note that you choose not to reply to my question regarding the use of such weapons by terrorist or criminal bodies. It seems to me that these would be the obvious weapons-of-choice ; so why do you imagine they haven't used them for the two expamples of purpose that I provided? I'm curious to learn your reasoning.

Good luck with your blog ; and I do intend to read it from time to time

posted by ariel70 on August 5, 2005 at 4:32 AM | link to this | reply


I respect your point of view, but, besides this general discussion, I suggest you do some more research to check the reality of devices capable of conditioning directly your brain and without your consent.

Or, if you don't have the time to do it, just keep reading this blog. I will reply to your comments, but I will not engage in general disputes and I hope you understand this.

On the other, check this forum where you can verify with the users the reality of unreality of electronic harassment and killing:

I thank you fo reading my blog and I hope you will keep doing it.

posted by Luxbring on August 5, 2005 at 4:09 AM | link to this | reply


What you are postulating is an utter absurdity! One cannot of course prove a negative, by stating that such devices do not exist ; nor can one prove that they are not being used for the purposes of mind-control, as you allege.

But the empirical evidence against there being used is overwhelming. Do you suggest, in all seriousness, that, for example, the Chinese would not use such weapons against the Taiwanese, to bring Taiwan under Chinese control? Or that Muslim fundamentalists would not use them to convert the world to Islam?

To believe that is to have a naive belief in the virtues of dictators and terrorists, for if, as you say, these weapons are so cheap, so easily available, and so effective in imposing one's will upon others, then one can think of a hundred different terrorist and criminal organizations who would resort to them.

Does it never occur to you that you yourself are indulging in a form of mind-control, by inducing gullible people to believe this nonsense? At the risk of appearing to be patronising, one might suggest that you would serve a far better purpose in alerting people to the real social and moral ways in which they are being subverted. 

This is not an attack upon you personally, for I do not know you, and in any case, do not make such attacks ; it is an attack upon views that I believe to be fatuous in the extreme.

posted by ariel70 on August 5, 2005 at 2:52 AM | link to this | reply

ariel70 microwave technology is capable of influencing our brain (yours as well). There are devices capable of producing emissions of this type and they are actually capable of conditioning the animal and human brain functions. Who’s using them? Whoever can afford to own those devices.

posted by Luxbring on August 5, 2005 at 2:23 AM | link to this | reply


Are you suggesting that somebody - some body or bodies - is generating and propagating these mysterious waves that affect our minds? if so - and I'm not quite sure about this - who do you suggest is doing this?

What is far germane to the issue of population control is the way that the largely supine media accept the lies that they are fed by politician, and rare, if ever subject them to a rigorous grilling on what they do and say. There is an incestuous relationship between politicians and the media.

When I read a newspaper, I expect to be told what's going on in the world ; not what the editor thinks I want to know, eg what celebrity is sleeping with whom, and who's just had breast implants. British newspapers are a disgrace, even the broadsheets dumbed down to the level of a comic.

The way that we're being manipulated by lying politicians pales into insignificance beside the coruption of our morals and our social values by squalid media ; and of far geater significance than any imaginary min-bending rays

posted by ariel70 on August 5, 2005 at 1:38 AM | link to this | reply

Besides the fact that it is good to know that we have readers
and that they appreciate our writings, I must say that the topic of this blog is sad and scary; the more I collect information about it, the more I realize how crime against humanity is a daily routine.

posted by Luxbring on July 28, 2005 at 11:44 PM | link to this | reply

You are VERY welcome !!!

posted by SincerityAnna on July 28, 2005 at 10:59 AM | link to this | reply

SlyCy, kingmi and SincerityAnna
Thank you very much for reading my blogs – thanks for commenting and for making my evening… I lift my glass of wine and wish you the best.

posted by Luxbring on July 28, 2005 at 10:50 AM | link to this | reply

Horus, good research, and congrats on being blogger of the day!

posted by kingmi on July 28, 2005 at 5:39 AM | link to this | reply

Horus, this was treated in a novel by Dean Coontz I think. He called it be
-ing remoted.  His characters would run from people they suspected of "remoting" them, or remote controlling them to do fantastically evil things.

posted by kingmi on July 28, 2005 at 5:39 AM | link to this | reply

When the movie the Blob appeared in 1958, the producers included
subliminal messages that made the viewers want popcorn and coke.  The sale of those products soared during the showing of that movie.  The Federal Government legislated against the use of that technique.  Who knows what has happened since then.

posted by SlyCy on July 28, 2005 at 5:37 AM | link to this | reply

If you are SCEPTIC about

about silent sound you should look at the following web where you’ll find the full details of the patent number 5,159,703, at the US Patent and Trade Mark Office at

There you will read the following description:

A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones or piezoelectric transducers. The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener.


posted by Luxbring on July 28, 2005 at 5:23 AM | link to this | reply

I am a cynic but this I'm prepared to believe

posted by Azur on July 28, 2005 at 12:21 AM | link to this | reply

This is all so scary, but so very interesting.  I have never heard of Silent Sound.  What I am thinking is if I knew half of what people keep us from knowing, I would probably not be able to handle it, I mean, what could we do about things like this?

Go Easy,
J. King

posted by J.King on July 28, 2005 at 12:18 AM | link to this | reply

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