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Thursday, April 17, 2003

I got it back! I got it back!

I had forgotten how to be #1 and not be read by anyone, and I just remember it! (Remembered the address to send the $20 bill to, that is!). The $3,000 offer is back on.

(I think I hit #1 because all the best bloggers are busy having a  micturation contest. So be it. The weak shall inherit the Blog!) Come on, post some more good fiction! I'm not afraid of long sentences or $5.00 words (obviously!). Bring the fiction on!!

Look, I have a visual effect.

How did I do that.  I am afraid to post this for fear the yellow on the last post will be gone, confirming I might be a little on the "light" side.   OK- Here goes. M

You Guys make me laugh. Thanks

Keep up the routine.  M


OK, got the hint, I shall proceed to change it.  But I'm not telling you about ANY of my filthy habits.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003


SOmeone should critique the "About ME"'s. They occasionally rise to an art form of themselves!

(Can I get a counter on my "About Me", and "Browser I.D."?).

Personal profiles:

Chris 2303, I wish they had a comment section for them! Tally ho!


Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Does reading a comment count as reading a blog? Anyone know?

Also, I like the critic idea.  Sometimes it seems that maj and I are the only ones who discourse here regularly, is that because people are not getting paid?

Just some questions, anyone have ideas.


Monday, April 14, 2003

OK,OK so I'm monopolizing the town square, however:

How about informal section critics? Or aspect critics (e.g., funny stuff, sensual stuff, literary Darwin awards, shortesty blogginlife, etc)?


Use of the Community versus use of the Blogs

Why don't we confine the direct person-person communication to here or the blind email service, and use blogs to present works? (Except the "Review" column, as it is about blogs and not people, and editorializing is an art too). Kinda like you have a get-together, and the jam sessions's in  the parlor while the yak-yak's in the kitchen?

Unless the networking taking place on the blogs  is really a clever, intricate bit of performance art. Hey, maybe I'm the only other peson using BN and the rest of you are one guy on meth and a bunch of computer atavars.... Just kidding, keep up on the Thorazine, that's right.

Seriously, it'll be easier to see the blogs in the forest of bloggers. Let's use this and the email UP!


BN population statistics

Ya know how on the home page the number of posts are listed and the number of dollars earned are listed....wouldn't it be nice if it also listed the number of subscribers? Then we could see how BN is growing or reducing. Is such a thing possible?

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