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I was nick-named Spitfire by my family as a young child due to being the black sheep, outspoken, opinionated type of girl I am very open-minded and appreciate all walks of life. No one is better than anyone else. I usually write as I speak.
I was ironically born on April Fool's Day. Born & raised in Chicago for 25 years until I moved to Tampa. I've been in the veterinary field since 1990, happily married, and became a mom of a beautiful girl in Sept. 07 and I'm expecting a baby boy the end of February, 2010. I was raised reformed Jewish and have been a practicing witch since, well, forever. I am non-denominational clergy, a clairsentient, a paranormal investigator and spiritual counselor. My favorite thing to do is write my blogs, mostly my humor ones. Laughter is the best medicine for anyone. I believe that if you lose your sense of humor, you lose a part of yourself.

 K, so here's some of my professional stuff:

(Since so many of you have asked, I figured I would just post this info here) FYI: Fees for my phone reading appointments is: $90 and there is no time limit upon any reading. Why? Cause I don't feel that it is fair nor is it predictable as to how long it will take us to establish and gain insight into your life/questions. Some appointments take 1/2 hour and some go as long as 3 hours. I don't charge by the 1/2 hour or anything. I don't think that's very genuine or fair to my client b/c one just never knows what or how long it may take to uncover what they're seeking to find out. I am genuine, authentic, I and don't sugar coat any information. That's what has established me to date as far as my reputation without advertisement. All of my readings are via only word of mouth. Period. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I can only use what God gave me to the best of my ability and to help those in need of my services. I have nothing to hide; nothing to prove.

Regarding my other "creative" side, (some say my "dark side" Visit Smiley Central! ) I reflect much of my thoughts, opinions, humor, and graphic artwork on my webstore: www.cafeshops.com/SoulXpression   You will definitely find gifts for ANYONE! And, I offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee for all my products. I'll even personalize anything free of charge. You just let me know what you want and I'll create it. With your final approval, it's yours!!

So, that's me in a nutshell. hehe, nutshell. How appropriate.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed." -- Albert Einstein

United States
Primary occupation:
Veterinary Medicine/Freelance Writer/Mother
Dream occupation:
Commentary/Advice Columnist or Radio Talk Showhost
Chicago & Tampa
Schools attended:
High School, College, Life.
I like:
people who don't piss me off, thunder storms, the beach at night, open-minded people, animals, ghost hunting/paranormal investigating, my 2 kids & my husband
Favorite writers:
Sylvia Browne, Wayne Dyer, Scott Cunningham, Blogit Writers
Favorite books:
Illuminata, The Power of Now, The Secret, The Psychic Pathway, A New Earth
Favorite newspapers:
Yick! They're too messy to read!
Favorite magazines:
Psychology Today, Writer's Digest, Readers Digest, Time
Favorite music:
Everything but polka and most "gangsta" rap
Favorite movies:
Drop Dead Fred, His Girl Friday, The Wall, What Dreams May Come, Goodfellas, Sixth Sense, The Breakfast Club, Titanic, Forrest Gump, Practical Magic
Favorite TV shows:
Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Everybody Loves Raymond, Ghost Hunters-TAPS, Law & Order, Nip/Tuck
Favorite teams:
Chicago Bulls, Pistons, Chicago Black Hawks, White Sox, SD Padres
Favorite quote:
People Fear What They Don't Understand
"I'm just a girl"
Jewish & Trad Witch