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They happen slowly, most changes in our selves, evolving out of who we've been and what we've been doing, and what has been happening to us, around us...

I am not quite who I was when I wrote here 'about me' a couple of years ago.  I have matured, more or less:  I weigh the same or a little less; my hair is a little more towards the white; my spirit is calmer; overall, I like myself better.  My needs are less needy, my giving less conditional, my patience and tolerance less effort. I have more people I regard as friends.

My kids are out in the world making families and lives, and still welcome me as a participant in what they are doing, and invite me to their homes.  As mother and adult kids, we have found a good and wholesome balance.

I watch a lot less television, I shop less, I do fewer but longer and more intense road-trips.  I take lots more pictures.  I do more with the writing and photos I've accumulated over the years, taking more risk of exposure.*

I still struggle to sort my health and dietary needs, and to take better care of myself.  Far to go, yet, on these fronts.

I have a puppy.  Not for much longer:  Soon, I will have a dog
I have three grandchildren, where before last summer there was one: two step-sons for my elder daughter, and no little challenge comes with them and their dad and all the other peripheral people:  Our families grow, and we have to, as well.

I have seen more of the world than I ever expected: world-wide travel is not something that just happens to other people! I have joined the club of those who know what it is to sit wedged into an economy plane seat for 13 hours.

My relationship with money has gone through huge shifts.  Mainly, I have relinquished many of my poverty-based notions and habits, and mostly this is all to the good! 

Does this tell you more 'about me?'


*current project: producing chap-books--those little self-published books that poets consign in bookstores--of my accumulations of poetry:


Lays of Middle-earth:
collection of poems and short prose reflecting the Middle-earth of JRR Tolkien (~60 pages)

People Are Planets...:
poetry about people and their worlds and sometimes my own. (~30 pages)

In the works:

Soul in the Waters:
a trilogy of poems from a dolphin's world-view, illustrated with my own sketches

Dreams & Fancies:
poems inspired by myths and legends, dreams, and strange thoughts

poetry of passing seasons in the world


If you want to know more about these, please email me.

United States
Primary occupation:
life-long philosopher; amateur writer/photographer
Dream occupation:
professional writer/photographer/traveler
West Coast, East Coast, Cleveland, PacNW... so far
Schools attended:
Sunnyside, Landing, Holdrum, Pascack Hills, Case Western Reserve U, Wa Psychic Institute, Life generally...
I like:
warm welcomes, road-trips, Italian hill-towns, photography, my kids and their families,Davy Dog and my cats,
Favorite writers:
Tolkien;Le Guin;T.Pratchett;M.Cruz Smith; Lindsay Davis;Jane Austen;
Favorite books:
Anything by Tolkien;Reindeer Moon(Eliz.Marshall Thomas); The Riddlemaster trilogy (Patricial McKillip) Through a Glass Darkly (Barbara Tuchman) The Other End of the Leash (Patricia MacConnell)
Favorite newspapers:
Favorite magazines:
National Geographic, Mother Earth News, Parabola
Favorite music:
folk, folk/rock, ethnic, classic, Gilbert and Sullivan;some musicals
Favorite movies:
The Three Musketeers (70s version); Raiders of the Lost Ark; Lake Placid
Favorite TV shows:
Boston Legal, Doctor Who, Masterpiece Theater,The West Wing; Mystery, House,old movies generally
Favorite teams:
Olympic Fencing Team
Favorite quote:
We need love the most when we deserve it the least.
practical mystic