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I grew up in a small country town in the middle of Michigan, but have traveled to many places for a country boy. I currently live in southern central Florida. I have always loved reading and writing and sometimes wonder if I ever really had to 'learn' to read. I write about many things, from high school sports to dirt track auto racing for one of the biggest dirt tracks in the Mid West.

I was a paramedic for fourteen years, then worked in a psych ward in a state prison for a couple of years, followed by several years working in a local Emergency ward. Life can be interesting. I have always studied the human response and found us very strange creatures.

My writings have bounced from tender love stories to serial killers to poetry to highly erotic. You can contact me at bmoc66@gmail.com for comments or questions. Thanks!

United States
Primary occupation:
Internet Video producer
Dream occupation:
SUCESSFUL Internet Video producer!
Sheridan, MI
Schools attended:
Central Montcalm HS, Montcalm Community College, U of Mich
I like:
reading, writing, collecting American coins, photography and videography
Favorite writers:
Stephen King, various horror writers
Favorite books:
The Dead Zone
Favorite newspapers:
Wall Street Journal... NY Post
Favorite magazines:
Numismatic News
Favorite music:
Motown era
Favorite movies:
I haven't seen a GOOD movie in years... Hollywood sucks... bad.
Favorite TV shows:
History Channel
Favorite teams:
Detroit Tigers and any local high school sports
Favorite quote:
Looking back, we need not remember the words of our enemies, but rather the silence of our friends.