Smiling Faces (Copyright Nov.2011 Sheri Palmer)

By sherilynn3

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Originating from south of Rome Ellie's family migrated to New York City starting the first NYC symphony orchestra. Opening numerous Motels and Hotels all along the east coast. Raised modestly on polenta and pasta "daddy's little girl" never heard the word"no" cross over her ears. Always adorned like a princess, daddy's most cherished child out of three children born had a sassy, dark side and the word "No" wouldn't of changed her actions in the least.  Ellie's focus stayed on herself and her own evil intentions. She had destruction on her mind. Ripping Doll heads off or smashing their faces in with a hammer, just delighted this child. Ellie would never disclose this truth, it was her muse hurting and harming people and pets secretly  pinching the pets till they squealed in pain, or later in life abusing her own children physically and mentally for shear pleasure. Ellie escalated in abusiveness as time passed; poverty, illness, resentfulness,she became bitter, hateful and judge-mental and one day decided to get revenge on her family. Over the years family members started becoming seriously ill. Medical bills burdening them. Time passed as family started dying; five in one year. Co-workers, friends even aquaintnesses fell ill and died. Anyone in Ellie's life seemed to be cursed. The untimely death of her Husband leads a head Paramedic to question Ellie's suspicious behavior; this in turn exposes Ellie as the demented beast she is.


After dinner during a snowmobile ride, Ellie's Brother-in-Law fell over dead as he gave his oldest daughter of ten a ride. He was a healthy man of thirty-four years old. Jealous of her older sister Barb; aggravated by the good life Jack was providing his family; Ellie's comment after the funeral with pure glee in her voice was, "she won't be so uppity now!"

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