How to LET GO - and Let the Cash Flow!

By Steve_Slimm

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Author: Steve Slimm:

Date: Jan 10th 2010
From: Steve Slimm



this is Steve Slimm -

thanks for your interest in my e-book. Let me tell you a little more about it.

I want you just for a moment to imagine that


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How would Your Life Be?

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Am I right? Struggling with money worries for decades, I know exactly how it feels - not nice! And if you're anything like I was you see all those who don't struggle, and somehow envy them? Right?



Let me ask you:


  • Do you get that sinking feeling when you have to deal with money problems? Maybe that sense that the bottom of your stomach is dropping out? Or maybe some other physical discomfort? Have you ever wished you could find a way to overcome those feelings, to feel okay about any problems you might be experiencing with financial issues, so they don't affect you like this? The 'Let Go to Cashflow!' ebook will teach you how to do this, so you can deal happily and peacefully with any financial issues. Would you like to be able to do this?



  • Would you like to know what's been holding you back from your own free-flowing financial fulfilment? Have You possibly suspected there are things that you're not aware of, secrets you'd love to discover and bring to ligh?. This e-book will show you with the utmost clarity those parts of your life that are at present hidden from your inner vision. The material acts, in effect, like a mirror to the soul; and if you are prepared to look closely enough you can be confident that, in a short time, it will reveal everything you need to know about losing your worries about money - and experiencing peace and abundance.


A friend passed on your ebook "Let go and let the cashflow". I love it. I haven't been able to get on the web so I write snail-mail. I would love to offer your book on my website as a resource . .

Shelly Cox - Blackburn South, Victoria, Au








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The 'Let go to Cashflow!' ebook is basically a course in changing the way you think and feel about money, in order to experience money in a different way, a healthier way, and thus to engage a better flow of money through your life - the flow you would like to have. You may not have yet come to realize the importance of your thoughts in creating your reality. So let me illustrate it in this way: -

If you are severely worried about something, (i.e. your thoughts are negatively engaged in an issue that is of concern to you), for example your finances, do you find any of the following physical symptoms?

  1. Shallow breathing?

  2. loss of appetite?

  3. loss of sleep?

  4. hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach?

  5. loss of sexual libido?

  6. headaches?

  7. shakiness of hands etc?

  8. lack of energy to do anything? (maybe even to get out of bed at all!)





These are all physical symptoms affected by your thoughts!

But then if you were to stop and take a further look at your world, you will also see how the world responds to you in these circumstances. Do any of these things tend to happen around you when you are severely worried? -

  1. People you live close to tend to become impatient with you.

  2. You may tend to lose business if you are self-employed, lose custom, or even lose your job if employed.

  3. If you have a partner - they are affected by your worries, and tend to respond to you in ways they would not normally respond.

  4. You tend to find other people in your world telling you about their worries too.

  5. You tend to get more things happen in life to make you worry even more!





I say 'tend to' because it's very difficult to see for sure whether anything is actually 'causing' anything else - it's rather a case of 'like attracting like' - so worry attracts worries.

This is well illustrated by noticing any time you're feeling okay with yourself and your life - and you walk down the road feeling happy and smiling at people. Have you noticed then how people tend to smile at you - even before you do to them sometimes? Are you making it all happen? We could say 'no - those people are happy and smiling anyway - nothing you do has made them this way'. But try going down the same street on another day when you are miserable and worried and looking glum. On that day no one smiles at you! Are you making them all miserable too? Probably not - they have their own stuff to worry about! So what is it that makes a difference between those two days when you walk down the same street? The answer is simple:

Your thoughts make the difference!

[If you doubt this, what I suggest is that you bookmark this page now, and come back to it in a weeks time, having proved to yourself how it actually works for you. An awareness of this principle is essential to begin to change your life with regard to money - and to make your money worries disappear for good.]

It's not that your thoughts are making other peoples' experience of reality - it's just that the principle of attraction: 'like attracts like' is a fixed principle, and has to be for the whole of creation to continue with any sense of order. Imagine a frog being attracted to a kangaroo - (okay they both jump!) A frog knows it's a frog, and so does a kangaroo know it's a kangaroo. A frog thinks frog thoughts, a kangaroo thinks kangaroo thoughts. Like will always attract like. A happy contented person thinking happy contented thoughts will attract other happy contented people thinking happy contented thoughts etc. And conversely a discontented, unhappy, worried person will attract other discontented, worried, unhappy people - as well as things in life to continue making them unhappy, discontented and worried.

Of course we don't make other people the way they are on any given day of the week - but what is true is that we are somehow making our experience of life - either an experience of people smiling or one of people not smiling. And somehow this is dependent on the way you are - yes your thoughts on those particular days.

So in a very real way you are the creator of your experience in life day by day - moment by moment. And the basis of such creation comes down to something as simple as your thoughts - how you are thinking, how you're feeling, what's going on for you that moment, what's running through your mind etc.

So how do you change your thoughts to begin to create the smile on your own face, and thus be able to see the smiles on others' faces too? How do you begin to re-pattern your thoughts with regard to money so that you overcome your fears and start to feel excitement instead? (Apparently the experience of fear and excitement is in fact stimulated by the same hormone in our body - it's only the way we interpret the sensation that makes the difference.) So how are you going to cease your fear and worry about financial problems - and begin to interpret the feeling as excitement about money, and excitement about your life in the future - a future that holds promise of an abundant flow of financial reward - instead of scarcity of funds? That is exactly why I wrote this 65 page ebook - to help you to do this! And it's not as difficult as you might think!

It was during a time when I was going through just that process of changing my own life that I brought together this book as a course in helping to change thoughts, and thus change experience - my own thoughts and experience first, then others' to follow. I don't worry about money any more - period. Experience naturally changes as thoughts change. As I changed my mind - my world changed with it - and my flow of money too. This is absolutely possible for you too!

With this ebook You will discover for yourself the power


to Change Your Life - for Good - Forever!


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Steve Slimm

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I wrote this ebook over a period of 18 months ending early in 2007. As with most works of this nature, it was initially a journey of self-discovery, and piecing together a number of concepts I had been contemplating for a few years. Since writing the book, my own situation has improved beyond expectation, and I now experience a totally different feeling about what I’m doing in my life-about-getting-money. On reflection, the ideas and information flowed in such a way that I was forced first to take note myself, and bring them into effect in my own life before I could ever expect to do anything to help anyone else. And now, having worked (or should I say ‘let goed’?) my way through, with renewed energy I am in a position to

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