To Be or Not to Be: How to Be Your Own Change

By krisbee

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You are NOT the you that thinks, you are the you that just is!

What does this mean you ask? We, as humans, have something like 70,000 thousand thoughts a day (give or take a thousand or two). Some of those thoughts then generate an emotion. Even if only a quarter of those thoughts generated an emotion, that is still 17,500 emotions you could be potenially feeling in any given day (exageration is to make a point). 

You do not have to identify with ANY of those thoughts, or emotions. They are not the real you. 

Become a pro at recognizing when you are not happy so that you can CHOOSE happiness. It is a choice!


Be in this moment

You are a Spirit being pretending to be human! Also, you are not your past, or your future. Plus, you keep your suffering alive by believing they are both part of who you are. The only thing that truly exists is THIS moment in time. If you don’t believe me, try going back to a place you used to call home and walking in the door. What do you think would happen? Or how about acting as if you are already in a romantic relationship with someone you are attracted to without actually going through the rituals of dating first. I think, in both cases, you would be arrested!  

The point is, your past is over and gone, your future only exists in the finer details of the ‘now’ moments that lead to the future. Both, past and future, only exist in thought. Thought is not real. It is only a thought. It brings up emotion that makes it feel real. The emotion creates the illusion of it being alive so your ego invokes the feelings of anger, fear, happiness, excitement and even hatred. You are not there. The past can not hurt you, and stressing about the future only creates unnecessary suffering.

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