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Re: GM

I was very pleased to read your detailed comment and was waiting for it. You are not only in the ball park but you hit the bull's eye as well, as you yourself are a trained soldier. The essential thing to keep in mind is that I am the master, but our emotions, reactions, greed, lust and avarice, all take us the be a slave in total forgetfulness that we are the masters. To be able to exercize this control is the key and it takes a lot of mental effort and training to keep the mind in reins. That is what all youga training is. As for myself, I too at one time given to violent outbursts of anger, and looking back I can now imagine what a fool I must have seemed to the onlookers. It was this shame that taught me my lessons the hard way. One of the processes I have been able to do this is through breath-control process, called Pranayama. Normally we take 17 to 18 breaths per minute, and the triggering point of anger starts at more than 30 breaths per minute. Through Pranayama the normal breathing rate, with lung capacity increasing, is reduced to 13 or 14 breaths per minute. Thus one gets enough time to check this momentary reaction, because by the time it takes the breathing to reach to 30 and above, a time-gap is created. So, both you and I are in the same boat through  control, with different methods, I think. Cheers 

posted by anib on July 22, 2017 at 10:40 PM | link to this | reply


I saw that you had a new post,  but I just now got time to read it properly.  My life is too busy right now, but I am glad to get back to my friends here.

Yes,  I do absolutely think of 'quality' as being binding.  The higher the quality, the more effort and risk has been invested into it,  and high investment is always binding,  whether it is money, labor, working at relationships, loyalty, commitment,  or an investment of emotion.  This investment can be for the positive or the negative.....  the good or the evil.  There can be high-quality good and high-quality hate; high-quality love and high-quality hate.

However, investment of emotion is the trap, the ambush you speak of.  I feel it myself, when I am threatened or wronged or tempted, and fear or anger or lust flare up like a volcano of fire within me,  and I must take a moment to willfully dampen them, so that they do not control me.  I am tempted to let them erupt,  but I usually defeat the temptation, and put them back into their place.  They serve their primitive purpose, to alert me to dangers, to motivate and mobilize me, but they will not control me.  I am determined to control them,  and usually I do so.  

As Krishna put it: "In the sense objects, the senses set in ambush, men take delight, in attraction and aversion; the wise fall not into its/their spell, for these are the obstacles besetting the soul from its course."  I think I just described that same concept,  as I apply it personally to my life.

Emotions (the 'senses') serve a very important purpose in our life, but we must separate ourselves from them, even as we are feeling them erupt like a volcano.  We must acknowledge them,  but detach ourselves from them at the same time.  We must control them,  instead of letting them control us. 

Emotions operate on a lower physical, biological, and mental level.  But our souls are operating on a higher spiritual and moral level.  So we must not let the physical control the spiritual,  for that is a mistake that leads to tragedy....  no matter what we are doing.... we must harness our emotons like a finely-trained team of horses pulling our chariot, at our command,  and not let them run wild and take us over a cliff.....  am I somewhere in the ball park here, or did I wander off-base?   Cheers  

posted by GoldenMean on July 22, 2017 at 9:41 PM | link to this | reply

Re: Kabu ma'am

Thank you for your sweet comment. My school has students my seniors and I respect them all. 

posted by anib on July 21, 2017 at 9:11 PM | link to this | reply

hello I came along and I am learning dear teacher. Just be patient wiv me please.

posted by Kabu on July 21, 2017 at 12:48 PM | link to this | reply

Re: Re: Re: Aba - Wow, bro

I will to the best extent possible, try to keep your whetted appetite satiated. Good work for a grandma to keep the youngs fed with knowledge of substance. 

posted by anib on July 20, 2017 at 11:40 PM | link to this | reply

Re: Re: Aba - Wow, bro

I have mentioned to my grandsons this concept of positive, negative, and neutral, regarding persons. Yes, it is universal. I should like to learn of the colors at some time. Yes, I grasp the physics of the discussion.    

posted by RPresta on July 20, 2017 at 10:56 PM | link to this | reply

Re: Aba - Wow, bro

Thank you so much for your reading it so deep. I figured that only a few will. What amazes me is that how could those people come to rub shoulders with such recent discoveries of the sciences. Sattwa is neutral (Vishnu), rajas is positive, the energy of birth (Brahma) and tamas is the negative energy principle of death (Shiva). Vishnu principle is the highest because it prevents the positive and negative energies from reacting, otherwise if birth is immediately acted upon by death, there would be nothing called life. So Brahma is in charge of birth, Vishnu, of life, and Shiva, of death. The three are the plenary expansions of one (energy), just as when matter, atom, is broken it no langer remains matter, but converts into the three energy forms. The colours have their significances which I may give in more detail sometime. These again, have to do with the physical, mental and emotional natures of different personalities. 

posted by anib on July 20, 2017 at 10:30 PM | link to this | reply

Aba - Wow, bro

This is a deep one on the surface, yet reading slowly becomes easier to comprehend. And, as you say, each will initially take away a particular meaning from it. I was particularly impressed with sattwa, rajas and tamas; positive, negative and neutral, teachings. I personally have stated those exact words (the English version) regarding how it is that some people, when you meet them give you a feeling of one of the three, imho. I was surprised and wonder, if intrinsic to one's personality, or soul, does one every change colors, so to speak, in this lifetime? Great post, Aba brother, leaving me pondering deeply. 

posted by RPresta on July 20, 2017 at 9:28 PM | link to this | reply

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