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Beware provoking the retribution of a group of kids!
      My buddy Dave and I would snap off a #3 pencil lead in the door lock of a BORING class that was locked up tight during lunchtime, then unlocked for the second half of the hour. We all got to spend the second half of the class, sitting in the shade of the building on the grass, our books locked in the schoolroom, while the custodian fiddled with the doorlock. He never did figure out what had caused the problem, because the graphite just crumbled and became powdered lubricant. A moronic fellow classmate, (Jim Benton) must have seen one of us snap off the pencil lead, (we did this only once each, NOT being morons) so he decided to copy our "really, really good idea" and skip a class where he wasn't prepared for a scheduled test. He broke off the tip of a pocket knife in the door lock. Between classes, he told Dave and me about his brilliant move, and was astounded when we both told him to get away from us, FAR, FAR, away, because he was just about to attract a crowd of angry school administrators. He was trying to imagine how anybody could figure that he was to blame, when I quickly explained that all they had to do is see who attends both classrooms with doorlock problems, and it turns out that even morons will finally "get it," with a little help. I warned him that this was all on him, and if Dave and I were draggeed into it, he had better move out of town, for "health reasons." Amazing how just one little bit of sage advice, can make a moron temporarily smart, isn't it? Dave and I got off scot-free, the moron got what he deserved, and all was right with the world. Of course, this was before our respective marriages.

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