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What i am trying to convey here is of course there are good and bad people of all races. This is a fact. However, do you not find it strange that every night on your local news you see a murder, a crime and 99% of the time it is a minority? Numbers wise this does not make sense, they are the minority because of their numbers. I just find this odd so obviously there is a link here. I am simply relating this to what I see. You are a school teacher and obviously have had experience with inner city schools so I know that you have seen this as well. I remember that principal, years ago with the last name of Clark, who took over a school in a bad area. he took the hard line approach which I advocate and he straightened up the school. The kids dressed neat and acted civil instead of a bunch of wild animals. Obviously the conservative way of living and raising children is the only answer, you stated that earlier except not in those words. A liberal approach to anything in life, to me, will always result in failure.  

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I would certainly hope that the elected regime official or anyone else in this nation would agree with me as well on such a simple conclusion. Geez! Only problem is that this has happened for how many years now? Listen to what Bill Cosby preaches. Funny how we heard nothing from the black race about supporting his comments. Why? Because he was right! So I would suggest that michelle and barry get their race in line for once now that they have the best opportunity of all time. You nor anyone else can tell me that obviously the minorities seem to have a problems with this concept. It has been on the news for the last 50 years every night!

You stated in a more recent post that minorities are conservative. In the South, I have noticed one thing concerning this and that is black churches are full from the morning until late afternoon so you tell me what the problems is here for the last 50 years and please spare me the socioeconomic liberal crap and racists crap that I have heard for 50 years! That would be like me blaming all of my errors in life on you! Get it? Any blind man could see where the problem lies here.

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RSM, it will pain you to know that you are in lockk-step with Mr. Obama on this issue of parental involvement.

posted by kingmi on October 28, 2009 at 8:53 AM | link to this | reply

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Why? Because I  agree with your concern for the children but disagree with the same ole line? If I disagree I will tell you. If you can not accept my disagreement then I am sorry.

Now back to your post. Kindness sure thing! I'm all for it! However that is like putting a toothpick in a hole in the dike trying to stop the water. Tell me if kindness would have stopped the school children at Richmond High School in San Francisco who raped a 15 year old girl after a school dance with 20 some onlookers? Ten of these students participated in the assualt while ten others watched for the police. Guess what race they were? From what I have seen so far they were Hispanic. I call it like it is; I hide nothing. This is the problem.

I agree with your kindness but what is missing is parental responsibility of which we have not had since the 70's! That is the problem! No, it is not society's fault. Being poor is not a license to rob, steal, kill and murder! Like I said, there are many poor people who know right from wrong.

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Re: How Nice!
RSM,  Ok that's it!  You lose your subscription!

posted by kingmi on October 26, 2009 at 10:55 PM | link to this | reply

How Nice!

Well, this was extremely touching and all many years, gee how many years have I heard this talk? Same thing over and over and over and over...this topic has grown moss and weeds and trees and mountains at this point because it has been hashed and re-hashed since the 1800's.

Let me ask you and michelle when does the parents take responsibility, when? It is true that all of this is terrible but this 'blame society' talk is over, it's time is up! Why doesn't someone actually take the time to examine why this STILL is with minorities? You have a minority president in the White House, you have a ton of them in congress and every other government office aross the land, you have them all over sports making millions upon millions of dollars, you have them receiving freebies from the government, you have them throughout the school system, you have them forming their own communities within cities and towns across America but yet you STILL have this problem! Tell me why? What is it that is obviously not there to bring these people up?!?! Tell me? We have grant, every entitlement, every government aid, every possible leg up that this nation can give yet we STILL hear this talk!

Now you say it is kindness that is lacking? Is that correct? Kindness? Where are you seeing something different? I live in the South and i have no idea of what you are talking about at all because I do not see any of this and I am not some rich person who is in a bubble from it. Do you understand?

Can anyone on Blogit understand at some point it takes responsibility? Does anyone understand that at some point it takes an individual to stand up and act on their own to better their situation in life? We hear millions of stories of this happening every day. Even hussein obama and michelle has this same story among millions of blacks, hispanics, asian. etc. So you tell me what the problem is?

Actually why doesn't michelle tell us how it is done instead of joining in with the poor pitiful me concept. You say kindness is missing. Your earlier posts about education cried out the fact that God is missing in the classroom so let this nation continue to teach we came from an ape and you will continue to recieve ape-like actions. You want kindness? You will not get it from an ape.

It is great that you care for your students as you should but enough is enough. This topic has worn out its' welcome. Personal responsibility is what you are looking for and not receiving. The liberal mindset of "if it feels good then do it" crap has always been wrong and always will be; that is what you are seeing. Enjoy the hope and change! 

posted by RedStatesMan on October 26, 2009 at 9:51 PM | link to this | reply

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