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Re: They are finally starting to admit that fibromyalgia is a problem

While most insurances companies are still trying to say it's not real. Great progress is being made. Many Doctors have started to prescribe the drug mentioned as a treatment of the problem. This is just the start. There will continue to be progress as this is a widening problem.

While they are dumbing themselves down at some alternative therapies, they have started to allow payments for physical therapy. You should check with your medical carrier.

You are not the only one in your position. I have came across several woman and a few men that have been diagnosed with this condition.

posted by convince_me_if_you_can on August 12, 2008 at 8:50 AM | link to this | reply

Now this is good to know. Thank you!
Red roses from me and you know who!

posted by Whacky on August 7, 2008 at 8:33 PM | link to this | reply

This is Great Information

I haven't had too many problems with claims but I have found out if I call, it is usually worked out.  Of course, the last dispute I had was when my husband was nearly killed by the care he recieved from an incompetent hospitalist and no discharge planning for a patient with Alzhiemers and Parkinsons.  The Director of Nursing personally pushed him out to my van at 6pm with him in sundowners with me to figure out myself how I was going to get him into our house when we got home. Luckily my 82 year old mother felt good that day and was able to help me but it got dark and she can't see in the dark because of glaucoma and a cataract to be remove so she had to stay here until my son got off work and could pick her up.  I couldn't leave my husband because he was too confused.

Anyway, I strongly complained to as many CEO's of the medical center we have to deal with after many calls.  They have a monopoly in our area so we have no other choices for care. The doctor actually had someone call my house pretending to represent the hospital and the care received along with the physicians care. When I told them what happened, they hung up on me. The CEO over hospital physicians actually had the audacity to tell me that our family physican should have picked a better doctor or used his own hospitalist which his group doesn't have because of politics.

When I received the bill from the hospital for 20,000.00. I immediately called for an itemized bill even though I knew our medicare and insurance would cover it.  However, when I received the 100.00 deductable from the hospital after everything else had been paid, I called and told them I had called them earlier and told them not to send me any further bills since they had nearly killed my husband and that I had spoke with the CEO and I've received no further bills. I also did the same with the physicians billing office after I dared them to send me any bills at all or we would talk about the remaining bill in my lawyers office.  I did receive a letter stating that we owed nothing more. 

I did the same with my cardiologist who sent me a bill after my medicare and insurance had paid after my stress testing.  She had talked me into taking a medication for my cholesterol even though it was lower than the last time and I had just had started taking  a miracle med for my fibromyalgia and for the first time in seven years had almost no pain, energy for 12 hour days to work around my house and clear thoughts.  She did not inform me that it could cause severe skeletal muscles pain. She said it's just a larger dose of niacin. I told I already took lots of niacin.  I'm still recovering and have just gotten the pain under control.  I also sent the bill back to her and told her to eat the extra cost or we could talk more in my lawyer's office.  My Family Physician was so upset with her, she personally called and talked with her about her messing with my meds and not talking with her first.  I have received no further bills.

My one big complaint with insurance companies is that they do not cover alternative therapies that help Fibromyalgia such as acupuncture, Healing Touch, massage and Reiki.  These are truly the only way to releive the pain and all the associated symptoms.  I have an article about Fibro for sell.  All insurance companies should read it.  Fibro affects every organ and cell and nerve conduction in the body. It is more than pain and painful points.  

posted by skye08 on August 6, 2008 at 6:54 PM | link to this | reply

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