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Amen, sassmeback, Amen!

Ironically, it's the ACLU and others of their ilk, who would immediately jump on the bandwagon accusing the President for not doing enough to protect us should we be terrorized again.

With them, the President is damned if he uses such measures, and damned if he doesn't. And I still say -- let's just cart off the ACLU to France!

posted by JanesOpinion on January 17, 2006 at 12:51 PM | link to this | reply

Corbin, thanks for reminding us, ONCE AGAIN,

of the duplicity in those such as Gore who state that Bush has committed a crime. 

As ever, I appreciate your sanity!

posted by JanesOpinion on January 17, 2006 at 12:49 PM | link to this | reply

Same old thing... Different Administration...

It doesn't seem like the tactics, tricks, or activities that this adminstration does or uses is any different than that of past ones.  They are doing whatever they can to keep us safe. To keep us living the way we want to live. To stop another 9-11 from ever happening again.  I am happy to hear that the President has actually been doing something! Something to catch the people that would murder our children in their beds if given the chance.... They hate us... And we all know who THEY are.


posted by sassmeback on January 17, 2006 at 12:40 PM | link to this | reply

Janes......the funny thing about this is

the President could have just purchesed the phone records from the information companies on the web for about $100 a pop....and wouldn't have needed a warrent there either.

The ACLU is just continuing their Anti-American leftist agenda they've becoma famous for in the last 2-3 decades.......

posted by Corbin_Dallas on January 17, 2006 at 10:34 AM | link to this | reply


You didn't know....

Didn't we have a discussion 2 seperate times, in the comments on my blog and writeroflight's blog,  about the very example of the Gore/Clinton administrations activities? 

To refresh your memory here they are:

Clinton Administration Deputy Attorney General Jamie S. Gorelick: "(T)he Department Of Justice Believes, And The Case Law Supports, That The President Has Inherent Authority To Conduct Warrantless Physical Searches For Foreign Intelligence Purposes And That The President May, As Has Been Done, Delegate This Authority To The Attorney General." (Deputy Attorney General Jamie S. Gorelick, Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence, U.S. House Of Representatives, Testimony, 7/14/94)

In 1994, President Clinton Expanded The Use Of Warrantless Searches To Entirely Domestic Situations With No Foreign Intelligence Value Whatsoever. In A Radio Address Promoting A Crime- Fighting Bill, Mr. Clinton Discussed A New Policy To Conduct Warrantless Searches In Highly Violent Public Housing Projects." (Charles Hurt, "'Warrantless' Searches Not Unprecedented," The Washington Times, 12/22/05)

"One Of The Most Famous Examples Of Warrantless Searches In Recent Years Was The Investigation Of CIA Official Aldrich H. Ames, Who Ultimately Pleaded Guilty To Spying For The Former Soviet Union. That Case Was Largely Built Upon Secret Searches Of Ames' Home And Office In 1993, Conducted Without Federal Warrants." (Charles Hurt, "'Warrantless' Searches Not Unprecedented," The Washington Times, 12/22/05)

President Bill Clinton: "(T)he Attorney General Is Authorized To Approve Physical Searches, Without A Court Order, To Acquire Foreign Intelligence Information For Periods Of Up To One Year ..." (President Bill Clinton, Executive Order 12949, "Foreign Intelligence Physical Searches," 2/9/95)

posted by Corbin_Dallas on January 17, 2006 at 10:30 AM | link to this | reply


(great name, by the way)

I should clarify that I also am in support of civil rights.  But I think during a time of war (although many disagree with the whole war concept) perhaps some infringements are appropriate -- if used judiciously.  Perhaps I am in support of this because none of my own rights have been infringed upon so because I'm not affected I can support it.    Is ignorance bliss?

Gore, well, he seems to have only two speeds -- boring/monotonous or flying off the handle half cocked and emotional. Poor man.

posted by JanesOpinion on January 17, 2006 at 10:12 AM | link to this | reply

I don't know. I didn't realize the Clinton ...
... administration did any monitoring, or took actions without FISA oversight. If they did it was wrong and I wish we'd had a whistle-blower back then. RE: Gore's speech yesterday -- I watched, and agreed with much of what he said as I'm huge on civil rights, but I actually can't stand the guy, he's such a namby-pamby, it distracts from the message with him as the messenger.

posted by blogflogger on January 17, 2006 at 9:24 AM | link to this | reply

You make some good points
but what gets me, too, is that Clinton/Gore did the same thing, so tell me why Gore is yapping his fool head off?

posted by JanesOpinion on January 17, 2006 at 9:06 AM | link to this | reply

Checks & Balances -- Right to Privacy
The ability to monitor existed if the administration had chosen to use it: FISA warrants. They didn’t they did a run around it without oversight. What the ALCU, Gore, and many of us want is for them to use the system. – The monitoring leak did NOT tell terrorists anything new. Talking heads, including the president, keep saying the leaker put the country at risk. B**l. The administration didn’t do anything, they did what they are allowed to do legally, but didn’t go through legal channels. – CLARIFICATION: The administration worked directly with the large telephone companies and IPs (Internet Providers) in the monitoring. This means they had access to all phone calls, all web surfing, and all email sent here and abroad. It was not just a few people as stated by Bush. – Without the checks and balances put in place by the founding fathers our democracy will eventually crumble.

posted by blogflogger on January 17, 2006 at 8:59 AM | link to this | reply

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