The Town Square: A note on commenting on Blogit (with ZenMom as an example)

Monday, May 11, 2009

A note on commenting on Blogit (with ZenMom as an example)


Since a couple of people have asked us to consider this, we're changing our procedures related to policy violations, effective immediately. That's because some people use misstatements about what we said or did to drive up their popularity, get clicks and earn money.

Although we will continue to keep the identity of the person who reported the policy violation private, we may talk publicly about what actions we took. We'll be updating the Blogit help pages accordingly.

We're posting this to help people understand why we -- very seldom -- have to delete comments or stop someone commenting for a period of time. Here's the truth:

In brief, the problem isn't with free speech, it's with ZenMom personally attacking a number of members and/or their beliefs, and deliberately going to those members' blogs to do so. In other words, picking a fight with another member.

This kind of behavior is known as "flaming" (making insulting criticisms or remarks to incite anger) and can quickly lead to a "blog war".

ZenMom's comments were reported by several people, after which we reviewed and then deleted them.

After 5 of them were deleted, the automated system (described in this News post) turned off ZenMom's commenting privileges for a "cooling off" period of 24 hours, as it does for anyone who has had 5 deleted. ZenMom had full access to all other Blogit privileges and features, including posting blog entries, reading, email, etc.

When ZenMom asked us for details, I sent the enclosed response. I'm also enclosing the most recently deleted comments.

I'd like to believe that people at Blogit would like everyone writing on Blogit, whether they're religious or not, to be able to post about their beliefs without personal ridicule or persecution. Since Blogit employees come from very different ethnic and religious (and not-so-religious) backgrounds, this is something that's dear to our hearts.

Perhaps I'm wrong. Let's see.


P.S. Most web sites, from Amazon to YouTube (I can't think of one that starts with Z at the moment), have ways of reporting/filtering inappropriate comments. Blogit isn't unusual. However, as usual, if you have suggestions on improving the system or the email below, let us know.

The email


Expressing different perspectives is a good thing, and welcome on Blogit. It can help people understand other people's beliefs and reasons, learn tolerance, and perhaps even change their minds.

However, doing things like calling a Blogit member names like "godbot" and phrases like "dumber than a hockey puck", telling them "that would make YOUR god an asshole" and describing their statements as "drivel... based on ignorance and fear", that's really not helpful.

If you disagree with someone, feel free to say it -- just without attacking them personally or calling them names. Or, don't read them.

Blogit is a relatively peaceful part of the online world. Please help us keep it that way. There's a link to the Blogit Conduct Policy on the bottom of every Blogit page -- here it is:


The Blogit Policy Team

The comments

Re: RedStatesMan - why don't we tell people here the truth?

"dumber than a hockey puck"..."incapable of intelligent dialog"..........these are perfect descriptions of the godbots, (i.e. onwingsofcrazy (that one surpasses all others in ignorance). The verbal garbage they create would fill a million landfills.

Re: ZenMom - I know I'm going to be sorry for ever sticking my nose in here

I saw it in my family yesterday. They really are brainwashed. We had a luncheon for an Aunt who turned 80...all my cousins were there. They talked about the first communion's that they were having for the kids. I just sat there. Then they talked about how they think it is a good idea that the Catholic Church changed the "rules" so kids wait until they are in high school before making their "confession". ( that's when you get to sit in a small dark closet w/ a priest and tell him your sins.) I jokingly said "that's cause the priests like their boy toys a little older.....more fun to assfuck molest a teenager.........then hit 'em up for some weed." Room went silent. (And, I didn't say this in front of the AUNTS.....just the cousins who are all pretty much MY age). Of course I had so say..."c'mon guys...i'm just kidding". I gotta admit........that was fun. 

So, why does your kind and loving god permit this? Why are so many mistaken? Because they cannot think for themselves......they spew the same bs over and over w/ out asking themselves if it MAKES SENSE. Look at this picture........put another several MILLION just like it side by side. So, these are god's children? If this were true.......that would make YOUR god an asshole evil. 

Re: Re: The Wind _onwingsoflove

wings. Try to stay on point here, just for a second. You are WRONG.........INCORRECT. Scientists CAN prove everything they say about the wind. I repeat, the CAN CAN CAN CAN prove it.

Seriously, I am wondering (as did gomedome)..........exactly how far did you get in your formal education? And, in what state/city did you obtain said education? (This could help me understand (just a little) the basis of your beliefs.)

gd - Did you find yourself breathing deeply and shaking your head when you read that comment? Yeah, me too. Thanks for jumping into this conversation. I think you were as kind as you could be in your comment to wings. I am certain that NOTHING anyone says will EVER open the mind of such godbots. The are on auto-pilot.

Re: ZenMom - I always wonder who they think they are talking to?

It's interesting. The person I mentioned in my post..........the one whose son has leukemia....she's swears god has answered her prayers since her son was originally diagnosed when he was 15 and he's 19 now. (He has suffered UNBELIEVABLY but, they don't blame their god for THAT) And yes, now he is terminal......I want to SCREAM "but, you didn't ask god for your son to suffer for years THEN asked your god for a cure." Of course, I would NEVER say that out loud. She's barely hanging on as it is. And, THAT'S what her PRAYERS do for her......they help her HANG ON.............and I understand that.

Re: Re: Hey believer, I hate to break it to you but...

touchy, aren't we? My thoughts are based on reason and science...unlike your drivel which, is based on ignorance and fear.

You can look it a little research. No, the bible is not reliable for this.....

[Edit: added "with another member" and description of "flaming"]

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