News: Emily Dubberley promotes "Confessions..." & other blogs on newsletter

Monday, September 23, 2002

Emily Dubberley promotes "Confessions..." & other blogs on newsletter

Writer Emily Dubberley -- of Cliterati fame, "a site which dares to admit that women like sex too" -- is promoting several blogs including Confessions of a porn writer and running an advertisement for Blogging Network on the Cliterati newsletter. Check out the details from Cliterati news No. 18:


Read respected writers and make money out of your
own writing. Masses to read; sex and relationships,
education and politics plus more. Join personal
and provocative writers posting views from the
UK, US, Pakistan and more. Opinionated and
off-the-cuff, but never boring. Join today

Pay-to-view sites

Naughty Bits: Humorous columns from US sex writer

"There I found "Your Guide to Pet Frogs & Toads".
Figuring I'd dated enough frogs and toads (without
successfully finding one that would turn into a
prince), I cracked it open. I found "Tips for
Selecting Your Pet Frog or Toad". Maybe if I followed
these pointers, I'd land a more promising member of
the herpetological family.

1. Good Appetite: Sounds reasonable. Not eating is
often cited as a sign of depression or other forms
of emotional infirmity. So if my date doesn't eat,
that could be a red flag.

2. Eyes Open & Alert: Right. Because it's a total
drag dating a narcoleptic, or a serious stoner -
unless, I guess, you are one, too.

3. Hops When Gently Prodded: I've never thought
about poking a prospective date, but none of my
other screening techniques seems to have done much
good, so why not?"


Confessions of a porn writer: Stuff about shagging
and life in general by one of the Cliterati team

"Being interviewed about masturbation habits is
always an interesting way to spend an afternoon.

A while back, I met a lovely lady who's writing
a book about sex and sensuality. I sorted her out
with some contacts and she asked if I'd mind
being interviewed for the book. Of course, I
was happy to oblige.

Was weird, spending an hour talking about
self-pleasure.  I mean, we set up Cliterati
because women needed some free wank material
and wanted to break the taboo about the whole
female masturbation thing. And I do see
masturbation as the great social leveller;
anyone can do it regardless of wealth, gender,
sexuality, colour or political preference.
Plus, how many other things that feel so good
are free?"

The Village Idiot: Dating, depression and teaching
in New York

"When I masturbate, I'm usually thinking of some
fantasy. So I, in other words, go to the fantasy.
But with Eileen, it seemed like she was a fantasy
since we met online (we hope to meet in mid-October).
And when we talked on the phone, she suddenly became
real. Realer than real and incredibly stimulating
-- like instead of me going to the fantasy, the
fantasy came to me."

Alexander Bradley:  Very funny and sure to offend
some people

"What I absolutely would not do is make the couple
who found the body wait almost 24 hours before they
notified police. What on earth were they thinking?

"What do you think we should do about that body we
found in the woods Mavis?"

"Tell you what, Stan, leave it for a while - you
know how busy the police are, what with that missing
girl and all."

"You're right Mavis... another scone?"

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