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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Introduction to JavaScript String Regular Expressions

JavaScript String Regular Expressions – Part 1 Introduction This is part 1 of my series, JavaScript String Regular Expressions. Consider the string, “This is a man”. Assume that you do not know the content of the string; the string might have been typed by the user and the JavaScript code has assigned it to a variable. You may have the following two questions: 1) Does the sting have the word, “man”? 2) <br />If the string has the word, “man”, can you change it to “woman”. There are many other... Sign in to see full entry.

Connecting Ajax Functions

Ajax Chain Introduction Ajax call behaves like a JavaScript thread. While the call is going on, execution of the JavaScript code in the flow of the code carries on. If you have to make several JavaScript calls, one after another, what do you do? Is it possible for you to estimate the time a segment of code in the normal flow would have been executed, before you insert the next Ajax call? Well, Ajax Chain and a particular strategy is the solution. I show you how to achieve that, in this article.... Sign in to see full entry.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

XHTML Hyperlink Basics

XHTML Basics - Part 7 Introduction On a web page on the Internet, you are likely to see a short string of text or an image, which when clicked another web page would be displayed in your browser, replacing the one you were seeing. Such text or image is called a hyperlink. Our interest in this article is to see how to construct such hyperlinks. For a long web page, a link can also be used to move the page to a different vertical position. For example, you can have a long web page, which begins... Sign in to see full entry.

XHTML Character Entities

XHTML Basics - Part 6 Introduction Consider the following paragraph element: <p>In mathematics the < symbol is often used.</p> Note that you have the Less Than sign < inside the content of the paragraph. This less than sign is the open angle bracket. The open angle bracket begins a tag in your text editor. The browser uses this rule to know the beginning of the tag. If we have the < sign in the content of the paragraph element, the browser might consider it as the beginning of a tag. As you can... Sign in to see full entry.

Formatting Text in XHTML

XHTML Basics - Part 5 Introduction Formatting text refers to the ways of presenting text. For example, you may want to have text underline or bold. When you are writing a poem, you would want to put text in particular position on the line of the page; this is also a case of formatting. Formatting text with XHTML You can do limited formatting with XHTML. You are not even advised to do serious formatting with XHTML. If you think that your web page needs a lot of formatting (presentation), use what... Sign in to see full entry.

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