Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Madame_P.O. TEARS IT UP!! She is Invincible!!!

Can no one stop her? She just solved the latest mystery blogger, who was indeed Sincerity Anna. Nice Work Madame! I wonder if anyone can interrupt your reign... I think if you get one more right I am going to start keeping score:) And now for the next mystery blogger... > This blogger has been a... Sign in to see full entry.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Congrats to Madame P.O.!!! And a new mystery for all...

So many bloggers and so little time! I wonder how I shall ever pick whom I should mysterize... (YES, I did just coin that term!) > This blogger blogs about fellow bloggers... > This blogger shares writing opportunities... > Part of this blogger's name contains a palindrome! Have I made these too... Sign in to see full entry.

Come ON You Guys...

This really isn't that hard... I'll give you one more clue... ok, fine, two. > This blogger's name is comprised of two words. > The first of which is good for a snooze! Sign in to see full entry.

New Clues for the Mystery Blogger....

So my clues must be decently tricky since no one has solved the case of the mystery blogger yet! Here are a few more clues to help you along... > This blogger aims to make other bloggers "Laugh, Smile, or Even Think Something You Read was Humorous" > This blogger has an NQ4 Player > There are five... Sign in to see full entry.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Congrats Katray and Vane! And a new mystery for the crew...

Nice work in correctly identifying that Thelongroad is indeed our mystery blogger! Now for a new mystery blogger.... See if these clues are helpful enough to unravel the case! > This blogger's pet rock died when the blogger was 7... > This blogger also gave a description about "space" sometime this... Sign in to see full entry.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

More Clues for the VERY TOUGH Mystery Blogger!

Continuing the string of clues... > This blogger describes himself as a "32 yr old country boy"... > Apartment troubles are just the beginning! > This blogger has a bit to say about a certain poetry "organization"... Any guesses? Am I making these clues too tough, or have I just selected a very... Sign in to see full entry.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Next Mystery Blogger.... An Attempt at Tricky!

OK, so this is meant to elicit more guesses and careful thought than the most recent two blogger riddles... I am working to make the clues a bit harder... Let me know if it worked! > This blogger's name has three words in it... > This blogger is something of a newbie... > Though recently unemployed,... Sign in to see full entry.

Perhaps I am making these too easy...

The clues I've provided must be far too revealing... A job well done by Madame P.O. scored her two points for successfully uncovering Original Influence for the first mystery blogger and Kingmi for the second. Stay tuned for the next set of clues! Sign in to see full entry.

Congrats to two bloggers for the correct guess! Ready for the next mystery?

Nice work, Katray and Madame_P.O.! The correct mystery blogger was indeed Original Influence! Here is the first string of clues for the next mystery blogger! Can you guess who it is? > This blogger's pictures speak 3,000 words... or something. > This blogger is a guitar player... > This blogger has... Sign in to see full entry.

This hint should give it away!

Here goes nothing... >This blogger has already read this post! Now do you know who it is? Sign in to see full entry.

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