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My name is Anna Fay Holbrook.This is also my maiden name and during the course of three failed marriages, I learned that it's the only label I want from here on. Most of my life, I've lived within twenty miles of the same town I grew up in. One of those small Ohio towns that's still more of a village, it's home and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Where does poetry come from? If you're lucky it comes from within but, if you hit a block you look around . I remember the creativity flowing so easily and for years was convinced only pain of loss inspired my writing.I'm a grandmother now and the juices flowing now are desperation to leave a mark for good on our planet. We've lost most of the natural food supply, thanks to lifeless seeds. Hey, if birds and insects won't eat it, why do we? It's death. If i remember correctly, that's the name of the fourth horseman . All the years that I studied the holy bible, trying to decipher the meaning and timeline for the prophecy of Famine, now I know. Freedom lost, ethics means nothing to world leaders and Christian morals that established my country and our way of life takes a back seat to corporate greed . I am inspired by fruits of the spirit and knowledge that in spite of the attack on Christianity, there's power in numbers and we remember that, no false god gives those gifts. "By faith, you are saved through grace. Not of works.." (quote from the  bible)

Location: United States
Dream occupation: Archeologist
Hometown: Plain City, Ohio
Schools attended: Jonathan Alder Highschool and Columbus Technical Institute
I like: Listening to frogs, camping in woods and cooking over a fire
Favorite music: Any Rock and Roll that isn't too hard or too loud.
Favorite movies: Frequencywith Dennis Quaid+ JimCaviezel, JFK, I Robot, The X-files, The Neverending Story
Favorite TV shows: History documentaries, The young & the Restless and Conpiracy Expose's
Favorite quote: e pluribus unum (out of many, one)
Gender: Female
Religion: ask me.
Political affiliations: Only the Bill of Rights in the original constitution of these united states of America.

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