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 My name is Stephanie Morosi and I am currently in some sort of legal trouble that I won't go into. However, in this country, you are innocent until guilty so I have decided to blog about normal things in my life and all religious fanatics can KMA.

I want everyone to know that there is a difference between charging a man hundreds of dollars to take you out to eat at very expensive restaurants after picking your men based on looks and hygiene vs. a streetwalker or even a barfly. Watch Penn and Teller's episode on Prostitution.


I am sober and drug free and meet better men than women who meet men at the local nightclub.  But then again, you shouldn't meet men at nightclubs and meeting men at the office will get you fired so I still think my way of dating men is better than most as I don't go to church. 

I will stress than I have always been too shallow and vain all my life to date the toothless, fat, smelly loser that some biblethumpers are married too.....the ones who want me to burn in hell. I think I am doing better than them.

Location: United States
Primary occupation: college student
Dream occupation: sith apprentice
Hometown: charleston/woodbridge va
Schools attended: stratford high
Favorite writers: steven lawhead (I know...he combines jesus with king arthur)
Favorite books: history, college textbooks, cooking
Favorite newspapers: post and courier -- im in it
Favorite magazines: reader's digest
Favorite music: hard rock
Favorite movies: star wars, saw, hostel, bruce willis liam neeson medieval movies
Favorite TV shows: family guy, american dad, simpsons, Law and Order SVU
Favorite quote: On matters of fashions, swim with the current. On matters of principle, stand like a rock
Gender: female
Religion: humanist
Political affiliations: fiscial conservative, socially liberal

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