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I am a mom, grandmother, home care nurse. Before home care nursing, I worked in a large county hospital, on an ambulatory dialysis unit. I couldn't give my undivided attention to 10 to 20 patients during a shift, though I did try, so I went into home care, where I take care of one patient for years at a time, or sometimes just a few months.

United States
Primary occupation:
Dream occupation:
Writer, of course.
Schools attended:
East High, Niagara CCC, University of Buffalo
I like:
I would say writing, but like is an understatement.
Favorite writers:
Ernest Gaines, James Patterson, Hemingway, Fitzgerald
Favorite books:
A Lesson Before Dying, The Great Gatsby, The Old Man & The Sea
Favorite magazines:
Writer's Digest
Favorite music:
Favorite movies:
Jaws, L.A. Confidential, Defiance
Favorite TV shows:
Parenthood, Vampire Diaries,
Favorite teams:
Buffalo Bills
Favorite quote:
"Success comes in cans, not can nots." Alex Cross's grandmother