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Hi. My name is Sherri.  I am a lifelong learner.  I've been in school forever..no joke.  I haven't stopped attending school since Pre-K. I'm currently working on a Ph.D.  What can I tell you about myself? I love to write.  I've written eight books, with one copyrighted thus far and in the process of going to press.  I have been a teacher for eight years.  I've worked three jobs to put myself through school.  I paid my own way.  I wanted it that way.  I wanted to earn everything I'll ever accomplish in life.  My family is clergy.  That's a whole "nother" blog within itself.  You know, I'll just say this, and go on...people would really be surprised what preachers go through if they were flies on their walls for 24 hours...the phone never stop ringing...there is no vacation, how can a funeral be planned....you kinda have to be there for everybody.....your private life is nonexistent....this is my experience with serving the local community through the office of the ministry/clergy...but you know what, the benefits are mind boggling...you always have someone that has your back in prayer....the support never ends and the love is unconditional, that' what it's really about, regardless of socioeconomical status or anything else...Well, aside from my family and my career that's about all I have to share....pretty boring, huhWell, I think I've had enough drama in my little life, I'm ready for the daily grind....stability, the house slippers underneath the chair in the evenings, the pta committees, wait a minute, I'm already on one as a teacher...anyway you get the drift. Hope you enjoy my blog.  I always tell it like it is and keep it real.
Location: United States
Primary occupation: Educator
Dream occupation: Trophy wife
Hometown: Glenmora
Schools attended: Louisiana College, Northwestern, McNeese, LSUA, GHS
I like: to travel and eat different foods
Favorite writers: Langston Hughes, Blake, Lord Byron, Emily Bronte
Favorite books: Any type of poetry anthology or modern nonfiction.
Favorite newspapers: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times
Favorite magazines: O for Oprah
Favorite music: contempary christian
Favorite quote: "To thine own self be true"-Shakespeare
Gender: Female

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