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Hello Fellow Bloggers,


Here is my work in progress, my web page.  Your comments, and ideas are welcome.  I currently live near the ocean in sunny California although this year it's foggy California. 




I believe in God, consider myself a Christian, but I have a lot of questions and like to know what others think about God and our world.

I wish the world was a little kinder and more pure.



United States
Primary occupation:
Dream occupation:
writer, poet, artist
Schools attended:
too many
I like:
chocolate, poetry, gardens, herbs, fun, the beach (CA)
Favorite writers:
W Carlos Williams, S Plath, Rod McKuen (70's poet), Beat poets...
Favorite books:
Bible, novels, kid's picture books like Owl Moon by J.Yolen
Favorite newspapers:
hate them, don't read them anymore except want ads
Favorite magazines:
Reader's Digest, Writers Digest, Poets & Writers, etc.
Favorite music:
all diff kinds really, jazz (Gato Barbeiri), old hymns, rock roll, Dylan
Favorite movies:
It's a Wonderful Life-oh yeah! Planes, Trains, Automobiles...
Favorite TV shows:
old Sat Night Live/Raymond/Frazier/All My Children/Friends
Favorite teams:
nada--hate competition
Favorite quote:
Yesterday's dreams are today's necessities...